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Jan 21 2020
EXCEL Database / List Managenent
Online Webinar: 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Instructor: Neal Otto is a lifelong educator and learner. Neal is a former high school teacher and administrator. Since 1992, his focus has been on helping organizations utilize Microsoft tools that they've paid for in a more efficient and effective manner.

In this webinar, students learn the power of Excel as a database. Topics include understanding what Excel requires in the setup of a database, database terminology, how to sort and filter records, setting the data up in an easily managed, good-looking table, outlining and doing data subtotals, the power of PivotTables and PivotCharts, and more.

Understand database requirements
  • Use database terminology
  • Understand Excel requirements
Sort records
  • Perform single key sorts
  • Perform multiple key sorts
  • Perform special sorts
Filter data
  • Autofilter
  • Multiple and custom filers
  • Wildcards
Define a data table
  • Apply table styles
  • Define a data table
  • Filer data based on a criteria
Subtotal date
  • Apply simple subtotals
  • Nest subtotals
  • Remove subtotals
Use database functions
  • Apply sumif
  • Apply averageif
Work with PivotTables
and PivotCharts

  • Create the PivotTable
  • Crease PivotCharts
Separate and combine data
  • Text to columns
  • Use a concatenate formula
Best practices for databases
  • Validate data
  • Specify requirements for data entry
  • Add data entry notes
  • Set error messages
  • Specify fields on two or more lines
Database display
  • Apply manual outlines
  • Collapse and expand outlines
  • Clear outlines
Cell formatting
  • Cell comments
Conditional formatting

Price per session: 
Members: $135
Nonmembers: $175
Webinars in the series:
Jan 21, 2020 EXCEL Database / List Management
Feb 04, 2020 EXCEL Power Calculations

To register contact Lisa Keller, CCE at 801.433.6129 or Lisa@nacmint.com