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Jan 14 2020
EXCEL Calculations and Charts Made Easy
Online Webinar: 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Instructor: Neal Otto is a lifelong educator and learner. Neal is a former high school teacher and administrator.
Since 1992, his focus has been on helping organizations utilize Microsoft tools that they've paid for in a more
efficient and effective manner.

In this webinar, students are introduced to the fundamentals of using Excel to perform calculations and create
charts. They will learn the advantages of using Excel to perform calculations, different methods to perform
calculations, how to display and read existing formulas, and create dynamic charts for effective visual data

Spreadsheets vs. Calculators  
  • Importance of cell references
  • Basic formula format and
Audit formulas
  • Error checking
  • Use formula mode
  • Enter edit mode
  • Trace precedents, dependents  
Formula and function
best practices

  • Use basic functions (sum, average,
min, max, count)
  • Understand functions syntax
If/then functions
Apply 3d formulas and functions

  • Perform simple math between worksheets    
  • Autofill basic data
  • Autofill formulas

Absolute references
  • Define absolute references
  • Define relative references
  • Use absolute references
  • Best practices for charts
  • Choose the right chart

and more

Price per session: 
Members: $135
Nonmembers: $175
Webinars in the series:
Jan 14, 2020 EXCEL Calculations and Charts Made Easy
Jan 21, 2020 EXCEL Database / List Management
Feb 04, 2020 EXCEL Power Calculations

To register contact Lisa Keller, CCE at 801.433.6129 or Lisa@nacmint.com