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Feb 04 2020
EXCEL Power Calculations
Online Webinar: 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Instructor: Neal Otto is a lifelong educator and learner. Neal is a former high school teacher and administrator. Since 1992, his focus has been on helping organizations utilize Microsoft tools that they've paid for in a more efficient and effective manner.

In this webinar, students move beyond fundamental functions and charts. Topics include understanding how to
utilize the function palette, defining functions such as vlookup, payment, net workdays, taking advantage of cell
and range names, how to use conditional formatting and Sparklines, how to protect data, and save a chart as
a template.

Apply Mixed cell references
Apply 3d formulas and functions   
  • Perform math between worksheets
  • Use summary functions between
Link workbooks
  • Perform simple workbook links
  • Redirect a workbook link
Use intermediate functions
  • Work with the function palette
  • Left, right, mid
  • Pmt, if/then, vlookup, net workdays

Use cell and range names            
  • Benefits of cell and range names
  • define a cell name
  • Use a cell name in a formula
Apply conditional formats
  • Define custom conditional format
  • Use the conditional format
Save a chart as a template
Protect data
  • Define cell protection options
  • Protect the worksheet
Create a custom number format 
  • Add special characters
  • Add text
Use special tools
  • Add cell comments
  • Apply custom views
Use track changes

Price per session: 
Members: $135
Nonmembers: $175

Feb 04, 2020 EXCEL Power Calculations

To register contact Lisa Keller, CCE at 801.433.6129 or Lisa@nacmint.com