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Dec 01 2012
Enforcing a Judgment Across State Lines

You've been awarded a judgment against your debtor for the collection of the debt. Knowing that it is now your responsibility to collect that debt, you contact a collections attorney [editor's note: or NACM] to assist you in enforcing the judgment. But what happens if your debtor moves to another state or the property to be seized is located elsewhere? Do you lose your judgment? No, but there is a process you must go through to have the judgment be valid in another state. (Actually, before you can seize assets located in a different county of the same state, you must docket the judgment in that county. But that is more common and relatively easy.)
Nov 01 2012
Politics Can Affect Credit

With the elections on our minds, have you ever wondered how politics affects the world of credit? If you don't, you should. Regardless of your political persuasion, the people who govern us have an impact on our daily lives. This is true and applicable to our careers and how we conduct business. When it comes to politics and government, I want to quote Dr Seuss; "Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple." To demonstrate the significance of the influence of politics on our business take a small piece of the puzzle and look at the evolution of the Mechanics' Lien laws over the past several years. We have gone from a simplistic means to file a lien for unpaid debts as suppliers to ...
Nov 01 2012
ICEL Recap: Demand More of Yourself

Dawn Meehan, a former Survivor television show contestant, spoke to ICEL in October. Dawn's presentation was enthusiastic and energetic and provided fascinating insight, especially for the Survivor TV show fans in the group.
Nov 01 2012
NACM Canons of Business Credit Ethics

In performing our responsibilities as credit professionals and as members of NACM, we pledge to conduct our duties within the boundaries of the law and to not intentionally injure the reputation of others. Each of us pledge ourselves to the highest professional standards and principles, and by reading the Anti-Trust Compliance and Anti-Defamation Statements in group meetings, we are agreeing to abide by these statements. The last paragraph of the statement begins "The Association and Credit Groups endorse and comply with the highest standards of professional conduct . . ." Each group member is agreeing to guard, secure, and keep in confidence, the information that is exchanged for the sole purpose of analyzing and extending commercial credit within their individual company.

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