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Oct 01 2015
Credit Managers Can Help Spot Terrorism
Georgette Bevan, CCE, NACM Business Credit Services

FBI Agent Bunny Gooch spoke to Industry Credit Groups to share very important information for private sector suppliers. As a credit manager, you are in a position to identify situations that "don't fit right." It falls right into that "gut feel" credit managers sometimes get when evaluating a potential new sale. If a potential customer asks a lot questions or doesn't know much about the product they want to purchase, be suspicious! If it doesn't seem to be the a logical purchase for this type customer, or if they want a large quantity of product that may be used in illicit and terrorist purposes, BE CONCERNED and report it.

Know your products. Be Aware. Your effort makes a difference.

FBI + Homeland Security
Private Sector Advisory

Peroxide Product Awareness

Products that contain peroxides can be unstable in high concentration or when blended with other chemicals and have been used for illicit and terrorist purposes.

  • Spa and pool sanitizers
  • Hair color developers / bleachers
  • Household cleaning products
  • Specialty bonding and curing agents
  • Industrial oxidizers

What can you do? Follow these simple steps:

  • Recognize hazardous chemicals in your product inventory
  • Know your customers and report suspicious or unusual purchase to authorities
  • Check your inventory and report missing or stolen products
  • Ask for customer I.D. and maintain a log of large purchases.

If you would like to print and post the FBI-DHS Advisory Card, click here to open and print. Educate others in your company.

If you are concerned, contact local police department or local FBI office.

For more information contact Bunny Gooch at bgooch@utah.gov.

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