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Nov 01 2015
What Are You Doing . . . In June?
Shane Inglesby, CCE, Geneva Rock Products, Inc.

As hard as it is to believe, it won't be long before radio airwaves will be filled with holiday music. The song "What Are You Doing New Year's Eve" is bound to be a part of many playlists. New Year's Eve is often viewed as an evening where one has to have a plan, and, ideally, someone to share it with, to help bring in the new year. As the song suggests, many believe the sooner a plan can be in place the better.

As credit professionals, we should be looking well beyond New Year's Eve. We should be asking the question, "What will I be doing June 13th to the 15th?" Yes, this is a long way out but now is the time to be asking this question to help increase the odds of participating in an important and highly informative yearly opportunity.

Credit Congress allows you as a credit professional to expand your horizons and learn more about what you can do to be a more valuable asset to your company. Excellent speakers and presenters are scheduled to address topics that pertain to what you can do to enhance your skills.

The reason you should be considering (and planning) for Credit Congress now is because most companies are currently working on 2016 budgets. Your odds of being approved to attend are much greater if there is already a line item in the budget for your company to cover the expenses associated with the conference.  

The thought of approaching management for an event that may be a first-time request can be intimidating. After all, there are costs associated with registering and traveling to Credit Congress. However, a well-conceived proposal will reinforce the value of your participation. Show your manager the wide variety of credit topics that are addressed. Explain how these classes can help further develop your abilities as a credit professional.

Part of your proposal should also highlight the cost savings your company can receive by registering early in the process. Attendees can save $160 on Credit Congress registrations if a reservation is made by December 11th. If a reservation is made between December 12th and March 4th, $100 can be saved.


Georgette Bevan at NACM can handle the processing of your registration paperwork. NACM is also willing to offer flexible billing options on your monthly statement to help in spreading out the expense of your registration. Simply let Georgette know the needs of your company as she can work to help tailor a plan that will be most beneficial for you and your company.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained! It doesn't hurt to ask. The worst your manager can do is tell you, "No." Trust me, you'll survive the experience and possible rejection of your proposal. But, you never know unless you ask. Even if your proposal is declined, you will have communicated to your manager and company that you are committed to making yourself more valuable to your employer. You will have also laid the groundwork for you to submit another proposal to attend the 2017 Credit Congress. Persistence pays. And, again, you never know the answer unless you ask.

If your proposal is approved, you are on course for an educational opportunity like no other that is offered to credit professionals.


Good luck! I wish you well. I hope to see you in June at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas!