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Aug 01 2016
We're OK, We Have Their Check
Let's face it! . . . Bounced checks that are COD counter checks or taken on site are tough collections.

Customer applies for credit ... we decline open credit and offer cash terms (CIA - COD) - so - we're OK, we have the check . . . OR . . . Customer purchases and pays by check directly at our counter - we're OK, we have the check. . . .Until it bounces.

Guarantee and deposit your company's checks anytime, anywhere, 24/7 with UTA's Mobile Deposit solution. Take advantage of all the benefits that UTA's check processing solution has to offer including Check Guarantee/Verification, Remote Deposit Capture (with Guarantee), and ACH Processing (with Guarantee) from the convenience of your tablet or mobile device.

By implementing UTA's Mobile Deposit, you will also be able to:

Avoid the need to purchase additional equipment or peripherals

Deposit a check remotely by using the camera on your own Apple or Android device

Process and finalize your COD Pre-Approvals

Process Hold Check transactions

Obtain a guarantee authorization within seconds

Real time access to your transactions via standard UTA reporting tools

Capture payments outside of your traditional Point-of-Sale environment

Click here to view a fun and short video unveiled by UTA at the 2016 Credit Congress in Las Vegas! 

Even though you take all reasonable precautions, a bad check will occasionally slip through your system. A bad check can bounce if the customer has insufficient funds in their account, or if the account has been deleted or closed.