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Sep 01 2016
Coloring Your Success - The Power of Persuasion
Doug Darrington, CCE, Kilgore Companies
One of the sessions I attended at Credit Congress in Vegas was a presentation by Diana Crowe entitled, "Coloring Your Success - The Power of Persuasion." When I read the synopsis of the session I thought to myself, "Why can't everyone think like me?" For one thing, I am the boss. For another, I am the husband and father. For these two reasons, I am always right. Well, you can image how far that goes or doesn't go in managing a team or managing your life in general.

This session was presented to assist the learner on how to effectively communicate a position and understand how to achieve the Win-Win in our dealings with others, both personally and professionally. The session helped us understand and recognize the color of your own personality as well as those who we have interactions with through life. The presenter offered ways to read your own personality color as well how to deal with other personality colors to achieve a mutually productive outcome. I would encourage you to download the handouts for session 25026. Here are the personality colors and the traits to look for:

True Blues

True blues like to protect and have a genuine concern for the welfare of others. They are always looking out for the other guy and for ways to be helpful. These are low maintenance people who like to work with others and avoid conflict. True blues can be difficult in that their quest to please everyone can often cause problems because they won't deal with conflict and do not like change of any kind. Sometimes the job doesn't get done because they are afraid of hurting someone's feelings.

Red Hots

As you might guess, red hots are the drivers, assertive and controlling types whose main value is the bottom line. They are task oriented. They like to organize people, money, time and opportunity and any other resource. They expect to be highly rewarded for success. They consider people as simply a resource that needs to be managed just like time or money. They complete for authority and leadership and sometimes won't listen or seek the input of others. They simply manage and react.

Cool Greens

Cool greens value the need to properly think things through and to analyze prior to making a decision. They think of themselves as being fair, principled and objective. They are always in control of their emotions and only express emotion with great caution. Greens do not like chaos or depending on others to get things done. They are not good at spur of the moment decisions because they are thinkers, planners and analyzers. Greens may know what is wrong with a process or system but getting them to take action can be very difficult.

The first step in dealing with others is to determine your personality color then learn how to deal with the others colors in a way that creates a positive outcome. By understand the personality color of those who we communicate with regularly can create a more productive, professional and pleasant environment.