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Feb 01 2018
Western Region Credit Conference is a MUST!
Rhonda Calwell, CCE, NACM BCS

Education is such a vital part of our industry.


My background was in bookkeeping. I moved to Utah and took a job in credit with the assumption that all I had to do was post payments and call for past due payments. Little did I know the complexity involved in the world of credit; an unknown planet that requires you to navigate through many loop holes and pitfalls.

I once had a conversation with a young man who was asking what is involved with buying a home. Although I am not a loan officer I do know the basics of credit. He told me that he did not have a "regular job" but made a lot of money off the books. He wanted to purchase a home and had $50,000 in cash to put towards the home and wanted to get financing for the balance.

I explained to him that a financing institution would have to do their due-diligence in order to qualify him for the home and that even though he had a nice sum of money as a down payment, they would still need to see proof of employment to ensure he could continue to pay the loan. He was stumped, "obviously I can make the payments, I just gave them $50,000."


What may seem like second nature to those of us in credit, can be so foreign to others. We assume that people understand the whys, how's and what's of issuing credit but in reality, it can be just as confusing to them as it was to us when we started.

I started out taking basic seminars and classes trying to navigate this foreign world that I was so excited to be a part of. During one of those classes, I learned of the NACM Designation Program and committed to getting my CBA. I was fortunate enough to attend my first National Credit Congress in Florida and was amazed at all the learning opportunities available to me. It was like going to a candy store and having so many more options than time. The classes were so informative, being able to get to know others in my affiliate and most important feeling like I was part of an industry who knew my struggles and dilemmas.

From that point on, my goal was to be able to wear that "CCE" ribbon on my badge at future Credit Congresses.

Next October, we will have the unique opportunity to attend Regional Credit Conference in our back yard. Although a much smaller conference, it will enable you to attend and see what it is all about. I encourage you to start planning (and saving) so you can experience what so many others talk about for months afterwards.

Credit can be an exhausting industry. You are having to deal with unhappy customers from time to time, make important decisions as to whether or not to extend credit and then deal with those who were denied, constantly having to work to keep accounts current and are expected to follow all the rules and regulations governed by the applicable laws. Western Region Credit Conference can be your recharging battery. Here you will get up-to-date information in a fun atmosphere!


If you are on the fence about attending Western Region Credit Conference, don't be. This is the perfect opportunity to attend a smaller, less expensive venue and perfect for first timers! If you have never been, this is your year! You will be so enriched by attending Western Region Credit Conference and feel like you can come back recharged and ready to be the best credit professional you can be!