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Oct 01 2018
Natural Disasters Impact Business
Kandie Haymore, CBF, Midwest Floor Coverings

You can't turn on a newscast today without seeing a report of fires, hurricanes, tropical storms or other natural disasters. The reports can be devastating, and the lives affected enormous. People being displaced, homes and business damaged, lives in danger, it's all so nerve racking. As I have watched the devastation from the fires so close to my home I've felt almost a doomsday vibe, but when I stop and really looked at things closer it could be much worse.

From a business standpoint these tragedies can be both devastating and rewarding. Last week after several communities were evacuated in my area, my family decided to go to dinner at a local restaurant. It was packed - we've never seen it that busy. Our server wondered if many of the families were there to take their minds off things for a bit. Several local businesses in the area have received donations from both individuals and other business's offering much needed supplies for fire fighters. Hotels have been booked solid, and people are giving generously of their time and resources for aid. One home-based technology business was offered office space by another local business in the same field for no other reason than they had once been shown the same kindness and wanted to pay it forward.

Do natural disasters have a negative impact on us? Yes, how can they not. Many of our natural resources have been destroyed; what was once a draw for tourists will take years even decades to restore, and we are not out of the woods yet. Homes are still threatened, work time lost, farmland destroyed, and people displaced. For those affected this is an uncertain time. Disasters have brought increased business for others. It's uncertain what the lasting impacts will be, but one thing is for sure, in the face of such adversity we are a strong people who choose to rise above.