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Aug 01 2019
Dare to Brave the Future
Georgette Bevan, CCE, NACM Business Credit Services

It takes knowledge, expertise and creativity to approve credit and collect in today's business climate. Factual information interpreted with experience and education is critical to profitable decisions that help us win the never-ending battle.

How can YOU stay ahead of the curve and feel confident taking educated risks that bring maximum rewards to your company?

  • Get involvedYour company is a member of NACM to provide you with the resources you need to do your job well
  • Read publications - The NACM Business Credit Magazine App is a great way to stay up to date, as well as newsletters and NACM's eNews
  • Attend classes, seminars and conferences http://www.nacmint.com/calendar.php

-ICEL - In the Trenches - August 8, 2019

-Executive Roundtable - August 12, 2019

  • Ask questions - NACM participation surrounds you with experienced credit professionals to network with and learn from
  • Stay engaged - the more you go, the more you'll know!

-Join The Intermountain Credit Education League (ICEL), or

-Join Credit and Financial Development Division (CFDD) Phoenix.

Join us for Credit & Collections Roundtable (link here)The "Cream of the Crop" of credit and collection professionals are gathering to kick around what's working in credit today!

Topics Include (but are not limited to)

  • Non-financial risk analysis

-Read between the lines on credit apps, credit reports, customer excuses

-Recognize warning signs how and when to react

-What is working for other credit personnel in our area

  • Know your customer

-What else can you learn about your customer

-How to overcome obstacles and excuses 

  • Know your company/policies

Find solutions to drive better collections in this ideal environment for education and networking.