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Dec 01 2019
Interruptions ... or the Killer of Productivity
Stephanie Johnson, CCE, Gritton & Associates

A few weeks ago, NACM had a training In It To Win It. The sessions were all great, but one topic covered has really stuck with me. Beth Ziesenis (Beth Z), yournerdybestfriend.com, played a trivia game with us. One of the questions dealt with how long after being interrupted does it take to get back to full productivity. The average is 25 minutes, post interruption, to become productive again. If I were speaking in person, I would pause for effect at this moment. 25 minutes.

If your workspace is anything like mine, it is a revolving door of interruptions and distractions. It seems as if just when I am getting back on task, another interruption derails my schedule. One thing that Beth Z suggested is to actually plan and write out the schedule for the day; allotting time for various tasks. For example:

8-9 email
9-9:30 voicemail
9:30-11 collection calls
11-12 commission report
12-1 lunch
1-2 email and interruptions
2-4 manager meeting
4-5 misc. projects, plan tomorrow

Additionally, setting boundaries with co-workers wherein you say something similar to "I am in the middle of a project right now, but if you come back at 1 or 4, I can help you with that request." What a foreign concept for me. So, I admit to being intrigued. As I sat in that meeting, I ordered a different planner to try it out wherein I can schedule my day in full.

It does not always work like I intend, or Beth Z encouraged. That being said, I am surprised by the overall efficacy in my daily work life. There always are situations that cannot be delayed, and interruptions will need to happen. But overall, and generally speaking, planning my projects with times outlined rather than a general to-do list has improved and increased my productivity. The part of the plan that has surprised me most, is the number of people who figure out their issue on their own, and do not come back at 1 or 4.

I am hopeful that in the upcoming weeks and months, this newfound formula for scheduling and setting boundaries in my workday will allow me to be more productive ... at least until I learn a new trick! So, here's to fewer interruptions and a super productive end to 2019/beginning of 2020.