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Feb 01 2014
Vision Board Success
Jo Anne Mills, CCE, Deseret Book/LDS Living


At a recent ICEL luncheon Ann Washburn of Three Key Elements spoke. At the end of her presentation she had some CDs available, one of which was "Vision Board Success."


I have had a vision board for years and I have had some success with it but not the life altering success I've heard about. Perhaps that is why this particular CD caught my attention.


If you are unfamiliar with vision boards the basic idea is to create a poster or collage displaying pictures and statements representing things you want to have manifested in your life.


As I began listening to the CD, I realized that this one was different. Not only were there ideas for creating a vision board, but there was also some explanation as to why it worked.


If you want to achieve something different you have to start by thinking differently. A vision board is a tool to help your brain think differently. It helps you focus on things that are important to you rather than day to day chaos.


Some simple steps to start your own vision board include:


Select or create the board itself. You can use poster board, a picture frame or whatever works for you. My own vision board is very simple, a cork board and push pins. A defined edge or frame is important. This provides your brain with a specific place to focus.


Gather pictures or statements to put on your vision board. By using pictures and statements, you engage both sides of your brain when you look at your vision board. Select pictures that look and feel like what you are trying to produce in your life. This may take a little time, but it will help you become very clear about what you are working toward.


Creating your vision board is only the first step. Next you have to look at it. Every day. Don't just glance at it in passing. Take a few minutes to look at each item you have on there and think about it in a positive way such as "How good you will feel when you have it in your life."


When your brain begins to focus on the things from your vision board, subtle changes take place. You may notice a sign you hadn't seen before or read an article that previously you would have skipped over. A comment you make could lead a conversation in an entirely new direction. You might even take a moment to chat with someone who turns out to be just the person who can help you achieve your goal. These small changes can make a huge difference in the things you manifest in your life.


I stumbled across this CD shortly after taking the CCE exam and learning I hadn't been successful enough to earn my designation. After listening I created a name plate that read JO ANNE MILLS, CCE, and posted it on my vision board.


My preparation for retaking the exam went differently. The focus of the review class was different, my study patterns were different, and ultimately my results were different. Now I have had one of those life altering results. I sat for the CCE exam in November and this time I achieved my professional CCE designation.


A vision board probably shouldn't be the only tool you use to reach your goals and achieve your dreams, but it's a great one to have in the mix.