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Mar 01 2014
GSCFM - Worth the Effort
Shane Norman, CCE, Wheeler Machinery

Years ago, I was contemplating going back to school to get an MBA degree. While attending a conference, I checked out the presenter's biography. Included was a degree from the NACM Graduate School of Credit and Financial Management (GSCFM). I was intrigued . . .


The NACM Graduate school is an advanced Credit and Finance course put on by NACM every summer for two weeks each year. Held at Dartmouth College, it takes two consecutive summers to complete the course (Year 1 and Year 2 students). During the last week of the second year, you are given the option of taking the CCE Exam.


The costs of this program are oftentimes covered by your employer - especially since this type of education is specifically designed for your actual job duties and responsibilities. Unfortunately, when I approached senior management, this wasn't the case for me. As a result, I put the school thoughts out of my head for the time being. The following year after talking it over with my wife, we decided to enroll and cover the costs and time personally. My rationale was at the time, as a credit manager - this education, CCE certification, and diploma from the GSCFM would be of the most benefit to me and my career as opposed to an MBA.


True to form, the course was spot on. The instructors were top notable leaders in their own fields of study, and great teachers as well - something I didn't always find synonymous in my undergraduate years. The courses were specific enough to give me a good depth of knowledge but varied as well to provide breath  to expand my perspective and overall understanding.


Something I hadn't anticipated was studying daily with a group of peers which intensified the learning process. Sitting next to people from various backgrounds and training - but generally all with a concerted focus in credit, financial, and accounts receivable responsibilities - I may have learned just as much from them as I did the instructors. I quickly became close friends with most of them and still associate with them professionally and socially.


Integral to GSCFM is not only sitting for the CCE Exam but preparing for it. We spent quite a bit of time preparing for the exam and learning from experienced CCE's. The test was difficult and lengthy but I am happy to report, that I passed and have been a CCE ever since.


Whatever thou art - act well thy part. Since I am a credit manager professionally, my goal has been and continues to be to become the best credit manager I can be. By attending GSCFM, the training and accomplishments I realized accelerated me toward that goal more quickly than I ever anticipated. The Graduate school lived up to my expectations and exceeded them. 


If you are looking to further your career in the credit, finance, and/or accounts receivable fields, I would highly recommend the GSCFM as a means for doing so. Feel free to contact me with any questions you might have concerning my experience email Shane Norman, CCE, or check out the NACM National website for more information.