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Nov 01 2014
Your Perceived Value
Scott Chase, CCE, CICP, Amer Sports

The great basketball coach, John Wooden once said, "It's what you learn after you know it all that counts." And isn't that true of all of us. In our professions, no matter where we are in our skill-set or years of experience, that we sometimes believe that we know all there is to know in order to do our jobs each day. I'm a big fan of Davy Tyburski, founder of CREDITandSALES.com who is well known for saying, "It doesn't matter where you are at today. What matters is what are you doing from today forward to increase your perceived value within your organization?"

As a lifelong learner, you can increase your value to your organization or put yourself in a position where a possible employer would choose you over another candidate. Showing that you respect the profession and knowing that it changes every day, you can indicate through your continued education that you intend to stay ahead of those changes. This knowledge can give you the upper hand in salary negotiations or save your company from a dreadful loss. Much of this knowledge is not learned in a university classroom or in a "learn-by-doing" situation, but by your participation in profession specific education such as that provided by your NACM affiliate, NACM on-line classes, Credit Congress, and perhaps even NACM's Graduate School of Credit and Financial Management (GSCFM).

Now, for those that believe I'm just pushing NACM education, let me tell you a personal story. At the age of 50, quite the know-it-all and feeling a bit of change in the wind at work, I asked my employer if I could attend the GSCFM. Much to my surprise I received an affirmative response and for the next year worked with the best group of Credit professionals you could find. Following the experience, I sat for and successfully completed the Certified Credit Executive (CCE) exam. Adding those initials behind my name and those weeks of school at GSCFM turned out to be some of the most important time I've spent on myself in years. Within only a few months from obtaining my CCE credentials, I found my company being merged with another company, headquarters being moved, and for the first time in my life finding myself unemployed. Those of you that are reading this and have been there understand what it's like not knowing where the next paycheck is coming from and wondering how to support your family.

This brings us to the beautiful State of Utah. After what would be considered these days as a short search, I found the position I was looking for that brought my family to Utah. There is no question though that the education and the certifications obtained just within the past few years were critical components to my being selected for the job over other candidates. I simply can't put a value on the experience and knowledge gained as a lifelong learner. I have made it a habit since then to attend the Credit Congress each year and continue my learning through the seminars and getting to know many, many others who seek to increase their perceived value in their organizations.

You don't need to take the path that I've taken - in fact, I would encourage you not to. Start slow with one class and seek your first certification. Talk with your education department at your NACM affiliate in Salt Lake City and get plugged in.


Below my signature on each e-mail that I send, I have inscribed the words, "Greatness Is Contagious." I believe it is your (or my) job to be the very best professional in our roles within our organizations that we can. Take the first step - you won't regret it. On a poster in our Credit Department are the words of Winston Churchill who once said, "I Am Easily Satisfied with the Very Best." So, maybe I'm hung-up about quotations from famous people, but I believe that these people have something very important to say, which, in a sense is what I'm trying to say. Be satisfied only with the very best. Seek greatness from yourself and you will start to see it from others in your department. Know that as a life-long learner YOU are the change agent for others. It will change your life.