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Dec 01 2014
ICEL Meeting Recap: Goal Getting
Ryan Palmer, CCE, LKL Associates

Goal Getting with speaker Cathy Carey


There are 3 types of people who attend workshops:

   - Prisoners (Those forced to go)

   - Vacationers (Go to get out of the office)

   - Learners (They want to enhance skills)


I think all who attended this workshop were learners.

Cathy did a fantastic job keeping the workshop entertaining while delivering her important message of not only how to set goals, but how to achieve them.


95% of Americans don't set goals.


What is a goal?

   - A task, dream, assignment, project, an end one strives to obtain, something beyond everyday activities.


Why don't people set goals?

   - Too much work, no time, where should we begin?, it won't work, I'll fail, I'll succeed


Cathy said there are 5 steps to achieving your goals:

Write Them Down

Get a goal notebook, use powerful words, keep it visible, and place your goals in a place where you will see and read them every day.


Break it Down

   - Look at the long range goal, e.g. save $100/month

   - Look at the short range goal - Open a savings account

   - How will you save $100/month?

   - Only eat out 1x per month and take lunch to work

   - Cut back on coffee/soda

Tie it Down

Create a time frame for your goal, be specific about your goal, and set a deadline for your goal.

   - On the 15th of every month I will transfer $100 to my saving's account

Evaluate it

Ask yourself: "Why is my goal important?" "Is it a priority?" "How will I benefit?" "What are possible obstacles and how can I overcome them?" "Do I need to break down the goal further?"

Celebrate it

Concentrate on the goals you have achieved.

Reward yourself and give yourself praise when you reach your goal.

Avoid "all or nothing" thinking. You might only be able to save $75 one month. Just because you can't do the entire $100 doesn't mean you shouldn't put away the $75.

"Goal setting is not about timing; it's about decision. It's not about luck or change . . . It's about determination and hard work." - Gary Ryan Blair, The Goal Guy