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Mar 01 2015
Are You Dependable?
Shane Inglesby, CCE, Geneva Rock Products, Inc.

Are you dependable? Can managers, co-workers, friends and family count on you to get things done? What is your reputation for follow-through? When someone asks you to do something, do you do it?

Life is busy. In today's world we have many demands being placed on our time. Many of these demands are begging for our attention including customers, problem accounts, salesmen, bosses, direct-reports, phone calls, email, voice mail and customers stopping by our office not to mention deadlines for needed reports and presentations. This list does not even take into consideration responsibilities we have outside of the office. We do have a lot of balls to juggle. 

Just like the juggling clown in a circus act, when a ball is dropped, it is noted by the audience. Do you have a reputation for dropping the ball? We are human. It is only natural that every now again a ball will be dropped. But, just like our expectations of the circus clown, corporate America does not expect to see many, if any, balls dropped.

How is your ability to juggle everything that is thrown at you perceived by others? Juggling could be synonymous with time management. Are you doing a good job managing all of the demands that are placed upon you?

Interestingly enough, we all know individuals that seem to juggle many responsibilities flawlessly. Rarely, if ever, do you see them drop the ball. How do they do it?

The key to successful time management is organization. Individuals that manage their time well typically have a methodology that backs them up through busy and slower times. They have a "routine" that does not falter day-in and day-out. Organizational skills are second nature to these "evolved" souls.

One very simple yet effective way of organizing a myriad of tasks it to synchronize an inbox and a to-do list. Paper can be overwhelming especially when it is covering a desk. The best way to deal with it is to ensure it goes into an inbox that is managed on a daily basis. This means regularly reviewing everything in your inbox and determining what needs to be done.

If it is something that can be done quickly, deal with it. Do whatever is needed to ensure you will not have to touch that piece of paper again. If the paper requires more time, put the action required on your to-do list and file it by name so you can easily relocate it when you return to that item on your list.

Obviously, not all tasks come in the form of paper; i.e. phones calls, voice mail, and assignments from your manager. When these tasks are received, add them to your to-do list.

There is no question, the list is going to grow but what happens is that you have the ability to visually review all of the balls you are expected to juggle. Upon reviewing your tasks, you can prioritize what is most important and ensure they will be accomplished in a timely manner.

Many credit professionals use the Microsoft Office Suite of programs. If so, the Outlook Task List can be a very efficient tool to use for generating a to-do list. Not only do you have a list that allows for an easy review of pending tasks, you can search your tasks and organize them to be reviewed on specific dates thus helping you better manage what needs to be done within a specific time frame.


Juggling the many balls that are thrown at us can be a significant burden. A thoughtful organization system utilizing a good old-fashioned inbox and generating a simple to-do list, whether it be a traditional paper list or digital Outlook task, will help ensure all needed tasks are dealt with in a timely manner and juggled at the performance level of a professional. Rarely, if ever, will you drop a ball. You will be that employee that can be counted upon as dependable - one who will get the job done.