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Apr 01 2015
Synergy and Change
Shane Inglesby, CCE, Geneva Rock Products, Inc.

Meetings. Counseling sessions. Annual reviews. 


Many reading this are most likely conjuring negative images in their minds by simply having read these three forms of collaboration. Each plays a different role in both our personal and professional lives and, unfortunately, some, if not all, are not viewed favorably.


Many times you may have thought to yourself, "I could get so much more done if I didn't have to go to that meeting."  No question, meetings do take time and there is nothing worse than being stuck in one that feels less than productive.  

However, it can be exciting to participate in a meeting where brainstorming is encouraged, feedback is insightful and a renewed commitment to doing better is accomplished. Some circles would call this "synergy" as the combined energies, knowledge and passion of individuals are gathered to achieve a higher level of performance and commitment.


For synergy to be achieved, an environment of mutual trust and respect must exist. The egos of all attendees, including managers, must be checked at the door for the meeting to be productive.  Brainstorming requires the comfort level to express seemingly simple ideas to allow others to receive and, hopefully, perfect those ideas by other participants.

The most important component for successful brainstorming is to acknowledge that there are no "stupid" ideas. Those in attendance must be open to all that is expressed to ensure they will not stand "in judgment" of whatever is said. A seemingly simple seed of thought can germinate into a thriving, productive idea, procedure or activity when planted in an environment where others provide "nutrients" to promote growth. 


Over the years, I have attended many memorable meetings where the group was able to achieve something bigger than itself. This was accomplished because those in charge were willing to open up enough to acknowledge that other attendees have insights and expertise that can contribute to the common good of the group.

Synergy is the powerful result of a collective group of individuals that are willing to work equally, one-with-another, to attain something bigger and better than what could have been achieved individually.


It has been my privilege to serve as the Chair for the Intermountain Credit Education League for the past year. I continue to be in awe of the individual and collective knowledge of each of our members. ICEL truly exemplifies the NACM tagline of "Strength in Numbers."  

Each of our members have a knowledge and expertise that is impressive. When combined with that of our membership as a whole, it is staggering to consider the collective knowledge of our group.


I have had the opportunity to serve with this shared brain trust over the past several years. I have served with an incredible Executive Committee that has inspired me to achieve more than I could have ever hoped for on my own. I am grateful to each committee member for the contributions they have made over the past year.

I look forward to the changes that will take place with our leadership as I am confident the next committee will continue to build our organization and serve our members to ensure our continued success as credit professionals. We are fortunate to have a pool of committed credit professionals in ICEL that are willing to meet regularly and "share" their expertise and passion for which we are all beneficiaries. 


I encourage you to not only attend but serve ICEL in some capacity whether it be in programs, publications, membership or education. Your contribution will result in a synergy that will not only benefit you personally but our association as a whole. Your individual strengths and abilities will combine with those of others to create a synergy that will contribute to the success of many others.