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Jun 01 2015
ICEL Recap: The 5 Choices-The Path to Extraordinary Productivity
Erik Wright, CBF, Spectrum Engineers, Inc.


ICEL was extremely fortunate to have had the coauthor of the Wall Street Journal's best seller 'The Five Choices: The Path to Extraordinary Productivity' speak to us at our last meeting. Those in attendance we were handed invaluable tools that could immediately be implemented into their daily lives!  

While each of us is constantly bombarded with things that keep us busy; it has become increasingly more difficult to prioritize and determine which things are more important than others. The old school method of planning our day has become obsolete. Through the barrage of text messages, tweets, social media, email, phone calls, impromptu meetings, and the wide varieties of responsibilities we randomly take upon ourselves, like small pieces of gravel, they quickly will inundate our lives and bury us due to the vast amounts that persistently pour in! The technology we have today has created a thought-provoking paradox in that it's both easier and harder to achieve extraordinary productivity. In this day and age we have more decisions to make, our attention is relentlessly under attack, and our energy is being drained by it all. An entirely new method and approach is required to effectively manage it.


Leena Rinne pointed out that it really comes down to five choices that we must make in order to help us become more productive. Act on the Important! Don't react on the urgent.

  1. Go for extraordinary! Don't settle for ordinary
  2. Schedule the big rocks! Don't sort gravel
  3. Rule your technology! Don't let it rule you
  4. Fuel your fire! Don't burn out

Rinne offered us the "five-choice" solution and inspired us to apply a process and to connect with our goals by scheduling the big stuff and organizing the rest by first analyzing our roles and looking at where we want to become extraordinary. More information on this can be obtained from the Franklin Covey website.