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Apr 01 2010
ICEL's Execellence Newsletter
E-News April 2010

In This Issue
- Farewell Message
- Recap: The Power To Change Anything
- Spotlight Kelley Kunz, CCE, Martin Door Mfg.

Looking Ahead

April 6  - FREE Equifax Training 

April 15 - UCC-1 Seminar

April 23 - Just Like Magic NACM
Stockholders Meeting & Dinner

April 8 - ICEL Meeting
"Techno Savvy Credit Management" a Panel Discussion, Shane Inglesby, CCE, Shanna Sorge, CBF, and Sarah Weilenmann.

May 13 - ICEL Meeting
What Happens to You Is Not Nearly As Significant As What You Do with What Hapens To You
"One Revolution" Chris Waddell. Chris had a skiing accident in college that left him paralyzed from the waist down.  Chris then became a highly decorated Paralympic skier and set out to be the first para-mountain climber to reach the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro. 

June 10 - ICEL Meeting
Debie Wangsgard, CCE, Stock Building Supply



Farewell Message

by Erin Doll, CCE, Mountain Contractors Supply Group

April marks the end of my term as President of ICEL and also the beginning of the new leadership of ICEL. This is my final article as President. I first want to thank all of you for giving me the opportunity to serve as your president. Secondly, I want to thank the outstanding members on the board. Without their help and expertise, I would not have survived! This has been a wild ride but well worth it! I love ICEL and have loved serving on the board these past few years and watching as the board has strived to create the best possible organization for our members. It has been a very rewarding experience, and I am very grateful for this opportunity. View full article

The Power to Change Anything

March 2010 Meeting Recap: 
by Carolyn Thompson, Meadow Gold Dairies

This is our second opportunity to learn from Mark. Some of you may remember the meeting we had a couple of years ago called "Critical Conversations" and the vast amount of information that was given to us at that time. Our March meeting was also very informative.

Mark started with the fact that 85% of us who try to change something in our lives or to influence others to change will fail. To master influence and succeed we must bring an abundance of tools together in order to make a difference.

Mark gave us three steps that will help to enable change: View full article

April Spotlight

Kelley Kunz, CCE, Credit Manager, Martin Door Mfg.  

Kelley started at Martin Door Manufacturing in April of 1986 giving her 24 years of experience working in the accounting department and in credit. She is now the Credit Manager at Martin Door. She is currently on the ICEL board and is very honored to be a part of such a great organization. Kelley has worked her way through the NACM accreditation program receiving her CCE in March, 2008. View full article.