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Oct 01 2010
ICEL's Excellence Newsletter
October 2010

In This Issue
- Pumpkin Shortage?
- Get Out Of That Rut! Learn Something New
- ICEL Membership Promotes Credit Professionals
- When The Horse is Dead, Get Off! Sept ICEL Meeting Recap
- Spotlight, Michelle Youd, Christensen Oil

Looking Ahead

Oct 14 - ICEL "Hold On To The Money You Collect - Preference Defenses in Bankruptcy" by Sherilyn A. Olsen

Oct 20-22 - Western Region Credit Conference More Information

Nov 2 - "Credit Boot Camp" Basic training in credit & collections.

Nov 3 - "The Changing Landscape of Credit" a full day seminar

Dec 9 - ICEL Christmas Program, the Jordan High Bell Choir

Industry Credit Groups Calendars


Pumpkin Shortage?

by Kelley Kunz, CCE, Martin Door Mfg.

Sometimes we are missing the main ingredient for our most favorite recipe and just run to the store to pick it up.

I like to think of ICEL as the main ingredient for my job. Each month I can count on a lunch meeting that is informative, educational, and I am able to take the information back to work and use it. We learn new ideas, network, laugh, and get motivated. So, let's not run out of our pumpkin. See you at ICEL!  View full article

Get Out Of That Rut! Learn Something New

by Janae Jeffs, CCE, Muir Enterprises d/b/a Muir Copper Canyon Farms

If you are at a point in your life where you feel like you are just taking up space, learning something new will get you out of that rut.

Going back to school is a big commitment, but NACM and ICEL are the perfect learning places. Here are some suggestions to get you started: View full article

ICEL Membership Promotes Credit Professionals

by Sandra Brown, Schmidt Sign Service Inc.

Now more than ever you have unlimited potential when it comes to what you can achieve. All it takes is the right attitude, the right plan, the right opportunities, and the right tools. Getting it right in our monthly ICEL meetings is exactly what we hope to achieve. We hope to give you powerful information and profound insights that will make a lasting positive impact on your life and career. View full article

When The Horse is Dead, Get Off! 

by Melissa Mickensen, CBA, Geneva Rock Products, Inc

September ICEL Meeting Recap:  "Happiness is a choice." Amanda Dickson, co-host of Utah's #1 rated morning show, "Utah Morning News with Grant and Amanda" on KSL Newsradio, spoke at the September ICEL Meeting about finding happiness in our lives. Too often we don't take the time to think about and work on our own happiness. But, we can make the choice to increase our happiness. Happy people get things done. They are more productive and they have more energy. View full article

Spotight, Michelle Youd, Christensen Oil

by Rebecca Knaak, Alder Sales Corporation

Michelle Youd has been the credit manager for Christensen Oil in Provo, Utah for five years and is a recent new member of ICEL.

Michelle had early credit experience running her own business with her husband Rhedd. This year they are celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary. They have two children, Joslyn and Parker.

Michelle says, "What I like most about being in credit is that every day is a challenge and it is rewarding to be able to meet those challenges. I have found that inside information from the sales force helps me find innovative solutions to credit problems. I have become more creative solving "issues."  "It is a good feeling to end a phone call with a solution that will work for both our company and our customer."

Whenever Michelle gets the chance, she enjoys snorkeling and diving.