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Aug 01 2012
CreditWise Published by NACM Business Credit Services and The Intermountain Credit Education League (ICEL)
E-News August 2012

In This Issue
- Banks are Working to Protect You
- Putting Your Best Players on the Field
- ICEL Recap: Test Your Credit Knowledge
- ICEL August Meeting "In The Trenches"
- Getting Permission to Attend Conferences
- Pathway to Fulfillment
- Spotlight: Michelle Youd, Christensen Oil Co.

Looking Ahead

Aug 02 - Credit Boot Camp
Basic Training in Credit & Collections

Aug 09 - ICEL - "In The Trenches" Experienced credit managers share stories of victory and defeat and the lessons learned.

Sep 06 - NEW Industry Credit Group
Building & Property Maintenance  

Sep 10 - Professional Designation Paperwork Deadline for Nov 5th Exam

Sep 13 - ICEL "A View into the Future - Utah's Demographic Transformation" Unprecedented economic and cultural influences on our demographics.

Sept 21 NACM "Swing & Shout" Fall Outing with Dinner, Golf & Bingo - Eaglewood Golf Course

Oct 17 Western Region Credit Conference, Las Vegas, NV

The CreditWise Newsletter invites NACM members to submit articles for upcoming issues. The articles should be based in business and credit management. Articles containing 350 words or more that are published are eligible for NACM Roadmap and CCE Recertification points.

Articles may be submitted to Georgette by email at

Why should I submit potential members to NACM?"

Help gain information on your customers. As a member, their information could help build the database on your customers. It's not just a one-way street. more Info



Banks are Working to Protect You

by Traci Flynn, Holladay Bank & Trust

Builders, contractors, suppliers and bankers are inextricably connected in their daily business activities. Whether its transacting their own business banking or working through draw requests, lien priority or acquiring land, both parties can have a smoother and mutually beneficial relationship when they have an understanding of the other's perspective. It is to this end that I hope to communicate in this article some basic guidelines that builders, contractors and suppliers can use to understand and get more out of their relationship with banks and banking practices they encounter every day but may not fully understand.

The first tip is regarding transacting banking business in the name of a business entity ... read full article

Putting Your Best Players on the Field

by Lynette C. Jensen, US Foods

Vince Lombardi once said, "The secret is to work less as individuals and more as a team. As a coach, I play not my eleven best, but my best eleven." As credit managers we are expected to do more with less in the new challenging economic environment. We need to be "playing our best eleven" in order to run efficiently and effectively to produce the results that are expected.

As stated in the NACM Principles of Business Credit manual, several areas of knowledge or skill sets are required by the credit department: Computer skills, analytical skills, customer service skills, expert negotiation ... read the full article.

July ICEL Meeting Recap

Test Your Credit Knowledge

by Melissa Mickelsen, CBA, Geneva Rock Products, Inc.

Competition was fierce at this year's "Test Your Credit Knowledge" ICEL meeting held on June 12th. Five teams competed for prizes by answering questions about Credit Law, Business Law, Financial Statement Analysis, Credit Management, and Principles of Business Credit. Members' knowledge and experience were put to the test as they discussed Statements of Cash Flows, the Uniform Commercial Code, Sources of Credit Information and ...  Read full article and view photo highlights

Next ICEL Meeting
In The Trenches

Speakers: Rebecca Mullins, Codale Electric and Zen Featherstone, Shamrock Plumbing  

Between answering calls, making collection calls, investigating potential customers, approving credit applications and monitoring existing customers, credit heroes have some hair raising and heartwarming experiences. ICEL attendees will hear real life credit stories packed with the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat and the lessons learned from experience.

Join us to gain insight and new approaches to the daily trials in your credit & collection battlefield. Register online

Getting Permission To Attend Conferences

by Dana Farmer, JD. LienCounsel

NACM's 116th Annual Credit Congress was recently held in Dallas, TX. The conference was well organized and there were a number of great speakers with a lot of good information and instruction. We realize that many of you wanted to attend but your company was not in a position to pay. To help improve your chances of attending next year... read full article

Pathway to Fulfillment

by Shanna Sorge, CCE, Easton Technical Products

Life is not about just getting by. Life is about reaching even higher, building one achievement on top of another, and creating real, meaningful value in each moment.

A common stone on the ground does a great job of just getting by. YOU, on the other hand, are destined for much more spectacular things. read full article 

ICEL Spotlight: 
Michelle Youd, Christensen Oil Co.

by Mark Jones, Geneva Rock Products, Inc.

Michelle has been the Credit Manager for Christensen Oil for the last 7 1/2 years. She wears dual hats, like many of us, by being both credit manager and accounts receivable manager. Recently she was provided help in the processing of credit applications which has been a big bonus.

Michelle has been a member of ICEL for the last 3 years and has truly enjoyed her experiences with the people she has met and the speakers ICEL has provided. The following is an excerpt from Michele's memoirs, "I had a really hard time being a credit manager when I first started. There were many days I would end up in tears. When I started to look at each delinquent account as a challenge and how are we (me & the customer) going to come up with a solution, my experience .... read full article