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Jan 01 2013
Published by NACM Business Credit Services and ICEL
E-News January 2013

In This Issue
- Can A Past Due Account Also Be Current?
- Understanding the NACM Demand Letter and Collection Service
- January ICEL - Surround Yourself With Greatness - Speaker: Chad Lewis
- The Credit Life
- Prevent Burnout - Invent A Game For Your Victories
- ICEL Spotlight: Mel Huppi, Deseret Book

Looking Ahead

Jan 10 - ICEL "Surround Youself with Greatness" Speaker Chad Lewis More info and registration

Jan 14 - Business Credit Education
Spring Semester Classes Begin January 14
View schedule of classes
Scholarship application

Feb 6 - COMMUNICATION: Less Ordinary - More Effective Speaker Terri Langhans, CSP More info and registration

A Sincere Thank You

ICEL would like to sincerely thank all of those who donated to Candy Cane Corner at the December luncheon. Each and every donation makes a difference in the lives of a child or family. Your generosity is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

The CreditWise Newsletter invites NACM members to submit articles for upcoming issues. The articles should be based in business and credit management. Articles containing 350 words or more that are published are eligible for NACM Roadmap and CCE Recertification points.
Articles may be submitted to Georgette by email at



Business Bloopers!


Ice Breaker

After taking Financial Analysis, I was sent to Ft. Wayne, Indiana to view a customer's financials on site. This was my first customer visit and my first use of my financial analysis education. To say I was nervous is an understatement. I planned and prepared, and prepared, and prepared. I wore my best black wool skirt and red wool blazer trying to look like I knew what I was doing. The controller took me on a plant tour. Then we headed into an office to talk financials. I sat across the table from him examining the financial statements and taking notes. When we exited the office, he walked me to the elevator and said "Wow, you are very intimidating!” I burst out laughing and told him this was my first customer visit ever and I was scared to death. That broke the ice and the tone of our relationship changed for the better.

**We'd love to hear your bloopers as well! Please email any business related bloopers, embarrassing experiences, silly mistakes, etc. to mmickelsen@genevarock.com

Why should I submit potential members to NACM?"

Help gain information on your customers. As a member, their information could help build the database on your customers. It's not just a one-way street. more Info



Can A Past Due Account Also Be Current?

by Allen Vickers, CCE, A & K Railroad Materials

Your credit assistant, Jill, reviews an aging report and spots a customer with several invoices for products that shipped over 90 days ago. Since your company terms are net 30 days, she calls the customer to find out what is holding up payment.

After their accounts payable person locates the invoices, Jill is informed that, per the terms of their purchase order, the invoices are not due yet. To make matters worse, she tells Jill that it might be another 45 days until those invoices are paid! Read full article

Understanding the NACM Demand Letter and Collection Service

by Scott W. Lee, V.P. NACM BCS

One of our goals here at NACM is to give our members the tools needed to minimize bad debt. We do this by providing credit reports on your potential and existing customers so you can evaluate your exposure. We, also, provide education directly pointed to the extension of trade credit. Even so, there will always be customers who don't pay and that is why we offer the services of our collection department. Sometimes people just need an extra push and moving to a professional collection agency provides that next psychological level of motivation to the debtor.

Our collection services, which are available across the country as well as many foreign countries, are set up on 3 levels: demand service; collection service; and . . . Read full article

Next ICEL Meeting
Surround Yourself with Greatness

Speaker Chad Lewis

ICEL's January speaker is Chad Lewis, author of Surround Yourself with Greatness and Decide Now to Surround Yourself With Greatness. Chad Lewis is a former tight end for the Philadelphia Eagles and St. Louis Rams after walking on at BYU.

He will share his story of climbing to the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro . . . for more information and registration.

The Credit Life

by Mark Jones, Geneva Rock Products, Inc.

I work in credit,
that's no lie.
I'll probably do it
'til the day I die.
People often ask or say,
Do you like doing it every day?
Working in credit seems kind of depressing,
without a question, it's not always a blessing.
But then I think,
after I visit my shrink,
of all the daily grind,
it's all in my mind.
So here is the best part
about the field I am in,
people have heart
so it becomes a win, win!
I do work in credit,
that's no lie.
It's because of the people I do it,
'til the day I die . . . or retire, whichever comes first.

Prevent Burnout - Invent A Game For Your Victories

by Janae Jeffs, CCE, Muir Enterprises

It is all about being persistent.

Credit Managers know about being persistent. We get a kick out of being able to get that elusive customer to commit to a payment. Though we have called that customer for days on end, we treat that call like it was the first one that was made. We may be dodged, ignored and leave hundreds of voice messages, but when we do get that "live" person, we need to celebrate.

How do you celebrate your little victories? Do you celebrate? If not, you are missing a great way to stay motivated for the next round of being dodged, ignored and endless messaging . . . read full article

ICEL Spotlight:
Mel Huppi, Deseret Book

I am the AR/AP manager at Deseret Book, having been in AR since January 2001 and in AP since June 2011. I have six great people working with me in AR and 5 great people in AP. I fell into credit way back in 1985 at a truck dealership and continued working at different dealerships until joining Deseret Book. I have degrees in Business Administration and German with a minor in French- please don't ask me to prove it as that was a very looooong time ago.

Some of the things that I like best about my experience in credit are the variety of skills that we have to use to be effective managers and company employees. We need marketing, accounting, economics, finance, credit/contract law, customer relations and crystal ball expertise. We get the opportunity to build relationships with the most essential . . . read full article