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Feb 01 2013
Published by NACM Business Credit Services and ICEL
E-News February 2013

In This Issue
- Dispute Resolution and Shades of Gray
- Liens or Secured Transactions (UCC)
- ICEL Recap: Surround Yourself with Greatness, Speaker: Chad Lewis

- Odds It's Fraud

- It's A Choice

- Next ICEL Meeting: What you Can and Can't Ask
- ICEL Spotlight: Melissa MIckelsen, CBA, Geneva Rock Products

- And the Winner Was

Looking Ahead

Feb 6 -  Be Less Ordinary and Communicate More Effectively Speaker: Terry Langhans, CPS More information and registration

Feb 14 - ICEL "What to Ask and Not to Ask Prospective Employees" Speaker Heidi McNulty More information and registration 

March 4 - Credit Boot Camp, Basic Training in Credit and Collections More information 

Mar 14 - ICEL "Conflict Resolution"

Mar 22 - Mechanics' Lien Seminar

Apr 11 - Your Economic Update with Aric Krause, Ph.D. (Executive Appreciation - Invite your boss)

Business Bloopers!

I was sitting at my desk right after lunch in a nice pair of slacks and a white shirt. I was channeling Shakespeare as I reviewed my accounts: "To lien or not to lien, that is the question." As I contemplated my choices, I began to hear a strange noise. At first I thought it was the people upstairs, but then I wondered if one of our concrete mixer trucks was getting too close to the building. The noise was like a dull roar. It got louder and louder and then the heavens opened. I heard a loud pop and gallons of mucky, dirty water came pouring from the ceiling onto my head. My first reaction was to say "HEY!" and for some reason I thought by saying it louder each time, the water would stop. So I ran out of my office yelling "Hey! Hey!! HEY!!!!!!" And then, "What the heck is going on?" Read full article  

Why should I submit potential members to NACM?"

Help gain information on your customers. As a member, their information could help build the database on your customers. It's not just a one-way street. more Info



Dispute Resolution 

And Shades of Gray

by Susan Lujan, CCE, Kenworth Sales Co

From the outside looking in - credit is easy. After all - what's the big deal? You set a credit limit and terms, and customers stay within those parameters or they don't get any more credit. I've worked in credit for nearly 30 years and have never found it to be that black and white. 

Most of you reading this article probably work for a business where credit is extended to promote product sales for that business. Making the sale is the primary goal and credit is just the means to get there. It is also the area where many disputes surface. Now you are faced with a potential game changer and a lot more gray. Read full article .


Liens or Secured Transactions (UCC)

by Scott W. Lee, JD, CCE, V.P. NACM Business Credit Services

I am often asked by creditors whether they can file a lien against their customer's property because the customer is seriously delinquent. The creditor is usually looking for a simple "yes" or "no" answer. But, it really isn't a simple question so I respond either with the standard "depends," or launch into a series of questions. Why? Because some liens can be filed without the debtor's consent and some require the debtor's consent.

 Both voluntary and involuntary liens are governed by statute and case law. Examples of involuntary liens include things such as mechanics' liens (preconstruction and construction liens in Utah), repairman's lien and livestock feed liens, etc. The law allows a creditor to file . . . Read full article

Odds It's Fraud

by Georgette Bevan, CCE, NACM Business Credit Services

An NACM member received a phone order from a caller in Ohio declaring that they had a "staple emergency" and needed product to be "shipped immediately" through their preferred shipping agent. The member contacted the shipping agent through the Hotmail email address provided and requested a freight quote. An International Shipping Quote was received. The Member received an email from the customer's Gmail account with instructions to ship overseas and to send them an invoice for full amount of project (product plus freight). Credit card information was provided for payment. The Member was instructed to pay several thousand dollars in freight charges upfront to ship the material. This is where the red flags went up. Read full article 

ICEL Meeting Recap:

Surround Yourself with Greatness, Chad Lewis

by Shane Inglesby, CCE, Geneva Rock Products, Inc.

When Chad Lewis was 18 years old, his father suffered a massive stroke that would have killed most individuals. Chad's father survived. However the prognosis for a full recovery with any quality of life was not good. Miraculously, and within a three month period of time, most of the trauma that was endured healed and Chad's father returned to a happy and productive life. 

As Chad reviewed his dad's recovery, he determined that his father's desire to surround himself with greatness played a very key role. He was surrounded by a loving family who chose to focus daily upon their blessings rather than the hardships that were being endured as a result of the stroke. Chad's dad listened constantly to his favorite piece of music, Beethoven's Ode to Joy. Chad attributes these three components. . .  Read full article

ICEL Chair Message
It's A Choice

by Shanna Smith, CCE, Easton Technical Products

With all the recent headlines in the media and the holidays, life can be stressful. Don't let the world dictate how you live and view life. Make the choice to look for the best in everything. There's nothing better than joyful living! Look forward to the holidays and all that they have to offer! 

Life can be discouraging, but you don't have to be discouraged. Even when there is no reason for joy, you can be truly joyful. Read full article 

Next ICEL Meeting

What you Can (and Can't) Ask When Interviewing Prospective Employees

It's time to hire a new employee. While you're screening resumes you discover someone that went to the same high school you did. As part of the getting-acquainted aspect of the job interview, you ask them if they have kids or when they graduated.

OOPS, you just asked two questions that leave you open to discrimination lawsuits. More information and registration   

ICEL Spotlight
Melissa Mickelsen, CBA, Geneva Rock Products, Inc.

by Susan Archibeque, CCE, Nicholas & Co.

Melissa Mickelsen is a Credit Specialist at Geneva Rock Products, Inc. She has been working for Geneva Rock for the past 10 years and has worked in the credit department for almost all of that time. She also works as the Executive Assistant to the president of the company which gives her the opportunity to take on a wide variety of tasks which she enjoys. Melissa works with wonderful individuals both within the credit department and in other departments and is happy to work for such a great company.

Melissa graduated from BYU with a degree in Horticulture in 2000. After graduating she completed an internship at . . . Read full article

And the Winner Was

Hopefully, you were already aware that during December the NACM collection department sponsored a contest. For each account placed for collection, we entered your name for a drawing. One placement, one chance. Two accounts placed, two chances. You get the picture. The prize was a Kindle Fire. The winner exercised the power of positive thinking. You know the "think and get rich" kind of thinking. At each trade group meeting or other NACM meeting during December, the winner announced that he would win. And he did. So did he place a gazillion accounts? NO. It only takes one but he actually placed three.

So who won the drawing? If you attended ICEL in January you already know. Ok. Ok. If you didn't attend, it was Ryan Palmer with Probuild.

Keep your eyes open, we may do another drawing in the near future.