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Jul 01 2014
Published by NACM Business Credit Services and ICEL 
E-News July 2014

In This Issue
- Credit Policy - It's as Simple as Taking a Picture!
- My Cranium is Full
- Member Receives National Award
- Education & Designation
- ICEL Meeting Recap: Pinch Hitter, Dana Farmer - HOME RUN!
- ICEL Spotlight: Sandra Shumway, Transmitter Solutions

Looking Ahead


Jul 10 - ICEL - Test Your Credit Knowledge More info and on-line registration

Jul 28 - Professional Designation Exams
More info  

Aug 14 - ICEL - In The Trenches

Aug 20 - Fall Semester begins

Sept 11 - ICEL - Credit Metrics, Speaker Shane Norman, CCE

Sep 15 - Professional Designation Paperwork Deadline for Nov 10 exam.

Sep 19 - NACM Fall Outing and Golf Tournament  Dinner Prizes and Fun 

Oct 29 - Credit Boot Camp


Why should I submit potential members to NACM?"

Help gain information on your customers. As a member, their information could help build the database on your customers. It's not just a one-way street. more Info



Credit Policy - It's as Simple as Taking a Picture!

by Erik Wright, CBF, Spectrum Engineers, Inc.

We have all been there. Sitting on the sideline of our child's sporting event, trying to capture that perfect moment. What we get back does not resemble what just happened at all. This experience convinced me that I needed a new camera, one that allows me to set the parameters. But then I needed to learn how to manage the multiple functions of a more technical camera so I could get the shot I want. It's not unlike credit. We don't want anything outside our control, but by the same token, managing credit exposure can be difficult if we don't understand what impacts it. In photography, you control the light. But there are lots of ways to do that. With credit you have to control . . .Read full article  

ICEL Chair Message
My Cranium is Full

by Shane Inglesby, CCE, Geneva Rock Products, Inc.

I just returned from NACM's annual Credit Congress that was held in Orlando, Florida. As always, the conference provided a wealth of information. My challenge now is how to assimilate what I have heard and apply it to my daily professional life to make me a better credit professional. Read full article 

Member Receives National Award

Every year, NACM National recognizes a few credit professionals for excellence in achievements and contributions to the business credit profession. Angie Monroe, CBF, Roofers Supply, Inc. was named NACM National's 2014 Student of the Year at Credit Congress on June 9 in Orlando, FL.  Read full article 

Education & Designation

by Rebecca Knaak, CCE, Alder Sales Corp.

"The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows," stated Sydney J. Harris, an editor of the Chicago Daily News back in the 1800's. This is a good metaphor for the point I want to make. Each one of us knows our value and knows what we can do in our individual career in credit. That's like looking into a mirror and seeing yourself with all of your value and knowledge. Read full article  


ICEL Meeting Recap
Pinch Hitter, Dana Farmer - HOME RUN!

by Barbara Mackay

The ICEL Committee would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to Dana Farmer for saving the day at our last meeting. The scheduled speaker was unavailable with only about 30 minutes notice. Dana was gracious enough to . . . Read full article  

ICEL Spotlight

Sandra Shumway, Transmitter Solutions

by Erik Wright, CBF, Spectrum Engineers, Inc.

This month we would like to recognize Sandra Shumway with Transmitter Solutions, one of the largest suppliers of transmitters and receivers in the US. While Sandra may claim that she got into credit and collections on a "fluke," she has stayed in her accounts receivable position for the last two years because she enjoys the challenge! Read full article