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May 01 2015
Published by NACM Business Credit Services and ICEL 
E-News May 2015

In This Issue
- Credit . . . No Clear Black or White Solutions
- Spring Banquet, Stockholders Meeting & Board Election
- Metrics that Matter Most
- Managing High Risk Customers
- Credit Confessions
- ICEL Recap: Tough Issues in Credit Management
- ICEL Spotlight: Kandie Haymore, CBA, Midwest Floor Coverings Inc.

Looking Ahead

 May 14 - ICEL - The 5 Choices - The Path to Extraordinary Productivity. Speaker Suzette Blakemore, Franklin Covey More info and registration   

May 17-20 - Credit Congress & Expo, St. Louis, MO  More info and registration

June 1 - Professional Designation Paperwork Deadline for July 27 Exam


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Credit . . . No Black or White Solutions!

by Samantha Gross, Intermountain Wood Products

Being a credit manager is not a glamorous position, and it is hard work that many, including some credit managers, see as undesirable. The hardest part of the job is making decisions that do not have a clear black or white solution. What we do greatly affects our customers, their credit scores and their ability to continue doing business so these decisions should not be taken lightly. Recently, I have been faced with many difficult decisions . . . read full article  

Spring Banquet

Stockholders Meeting and Election of Board Directors

NACM held its annual event on April 24, 2015, at The Gathering Place at Gardner Village. The 2015 - 2016 Chairman of the Board is Lisa Keller, CBA, Peterson Plumbing Supply with Shane Inglesby, CCE, Geneva Rock Products, Inc. as Vice Chair and Tyler Steenblik, CCE, Young Electric Sign Company as Treasurer. Newly elected board members are April Tanner, Kimball Equipment, Shane Norman, CCE, Wheeler Machinery and Tyler Steenblik, CCE, Young Electric Sign Company.  Doug Darrington, CCE, was awarded the 2015 NACM Business Credit Services Credit Executive of the Year. 


ICEL Chair Message
Metrics that Matter Most

by Erik Wright, CBF, Spectrum Engineers, Inc.

To effectively manage a process, you must first be able to control and measure that process. To successfully manage the credit process, it is important to have immediate access to pertinent data that can be effortlessly translated into meaningful and relevant information. Analytical dashboards can help! view full article  

Managing High Risk Customers

by Ryan Palmer, CCE, LKL Associates

We all have customers who are numbers 1 and 2 on our speed dial. We check their accounts daily to ensure they stay in good standing. We have their cell, home and office phone numbers. These are the customers that take up most of our time. There are a few techniques that I have seen used that have worked well in protecting our company. read full article


Credit Confessions

by Anonymous

Working in the construction industry, we often have the "wonderful" opportunity of dealing with home owners directly. I had one home owner, who we'll call M . . . VERY "fun" to deal with. We had filed on the SCR against M's property and M was very adamant about my company removing the filing. I informed M that we cannot remove the filing because the job was still on-going and we had not been paid. But, I would be happy to provide a lien waiver through a specific date. M was not pleased with this proposal. read full article

ICEL Recap:
Tough Issues in Credit Management

by Ryan Palmer, CCE, LKL Associates

It was that wonderful time of year again when our wisdom-rich colleagues lets us pick their brains with questions that are burning ours. Jo Anne Mills, CCE, with Deseret Book, Barbara Mackay with Intermountain Concrete Specialties, and Tyler Steenblik, CCE, with Young Electric Sign were our brain trust on the panel and Shane Norman, CCE, with Wheeler Machinery was our moderator. read full article     

ICEL Spotlight:
Kandie Haymore, CBA

by Ryan Palmer, CCE, LKL Associates

I have been married to my best friend for almost 20 years. We have two children, a daughter Abby who will be 17 the end of May and son Joseph who just turned 14. I grew up in Utah county and still reside there. I was a stay-at-home mom and was the top director with Tupperware for 7 years while my children were small. In 2008 I went to work as a receptionist at PDM Steel in Spanish Fork. After lots of cross training and job changes the amazing credit manager there approached me about being her assistant in the credit department. She encouraged me to take the NACM certification classes . . . read full article