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The Intermountain Commercial Record

Benefits of Membership in NACM Business Credit ServicesNACM is here to help your business succeed by providing the tools necessary to protect one of your company's largest assets, your accounts receivable.

Intermountain Commercial Record

Utah Public Record Information

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Publication Schedule:

Tuesdays: Public Notice, Lawyers in Motion, Utah Patents & Trademarks, UCCs
Wednesdays: Bankruptcy, Courts, Probates, Construction Pages
Friday: State & Federal Taxes

The Intermountain Commercial Record
Only $125 per year (a $60 savings for NACM Members)

NACM Business Credit Services has partnered with The Intermountain Commercial Record to provide members with public record information necessary to making good credit decisions! 

The Record Weekly, by Day, Content Breakdown: 



Public Notices

Utah patents & Trademarks



Public Notices,

Business and Consumer Bankruptcies Filed, Dismissed or Discharged,


Business Complaints, Dismissals, Judgments, Satisfactions for the all Utah District Courts,

Consumer Judgments and Satisfactions,

Rents and Evictions

CONSTRUCTION Mechanic Liens/Releases, Notice of Interest, Lis Pendens, UCC1s, Workforce Services Judgments, by County, Building Permits and Construction-Relate Complaints, Dismissals, Judgments and Satisfactions.



Public Notices,

State and Federal Tax Liens,

Tax Lien Releases

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