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NACM Ethics & Standards

The cornerstone of the global business economy is the extension of commercial credit. As such, business credit executives, as the guardians of commercial receivables, play the vital and critical role of ensuring the flow of commercial goods and services that support world commerce.

In fulfilling their professional duties, business credit professionals pledge to conduct their duties within the constraints of law and to not maliciously injure the reputation of others. Further, business credit professionals pledge themselves to the highest professional standards and principles and to guarding and securing, in confidence, information obtained for the sole purpose of analyzing and extending commercial credit.

Credit professionals pledge to:

Adhere to the highest standards of integrity, trust, fairness, personal and professional behavior in all business dealings.

Negotiate verbal or written credit agreements, contracts, assignments, and/or transfers with honesty, fairness, and due diligence to and for the benefit of all parties.

Render reasonable assistance, cooperating with impartiality and without bias or prejudice, to debtors, third parties, and other credit professionals.

Exchange appropriate, historical and current factual information to support the process of independent credit decisioning.

Exercise due diligence as required to prevent unlawfull or improper disclosure to third parties.

Disclose any potential conflict in all business dealings.

Further, credit professionals acknowledge the importance of and shall promote the benefits of continued improvement of their knowledge, skills, and expertise in business credit. The pursuit of knowledge will support the strategic advancement of the commercial credit function, as it leads businesses to profitability and growth.