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Industry Credit Group

 Try us out!Want to know more about your customer? Want to meet your competition in a legal forum? Find out what's going on in your industry?

Industry Credit Group Mission

To enable group members to optimize the management of risk by leveraging the collective potential of the membership with NACM's unique resources and expertise.

What is an Industry Credit Group?

Industry Credit Groups are an open forum meeting where members can freely discuss and review business customers, discuss ongoing legislation that may impact industries, and network with other group members. Industry Credit Groups have been organized on behalf of various industries by NACM since 1902. Each meeting is conducted by a certified NACM representative where strict compliance of Anti-trust Laws and confidentiality are maintained.

How do Industry Credit Groups function?

Most Industry Credit Groups meet monthly. Others meet quarterly or bi-monthly. Out of area groups, regional and national groups offer phone conferences which appeals to time management and cost effectiveness. In addition, utilizing today's technologies, remote online credit groups credit reporting is available. Each group elects a chairperson and co-chairperson to conduct meetings. Each member submits names for discussion. These names, along with each member's updated credit information, are discussed. After the group members have shared their credit information on submitted names, a round table discussion is held on any additional names that may be brought up. Each meeting usually lasts approximately 1 1/2 hours. 

Industry Credit Group Contacts

Julia Buck, CGA
Groups Coordinator

Lisa Keller, CCE, CGA
Department Manager


Salt Lake County Health Department
Environmental Health Services - Bureau of Food Protection


Established Industry Credit Groups

Concrete, Paving, Excavating & Waterworks
Contractors & Building Trades Suppliers
Electrical Suppliers
Equipment Dealers/Transportation & Related Products 
Floor Covering, Hardware, & Lumber 
Food & Restaurant Suppliers
General Services
Heating and Plumbing

Masonry & Wholesale Landscaping
National Railroad, Mining & Related Products
Regional Agricultural
Regional Contractors & Building Trades Suppliers
Southern Utah Contractors & Building Trades Suppliers
Steel and Welders
Utah County Contractors & Building Trades Suppliers