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Mortgage Credit Reports

Mortgage Credit ReportS

Utah Office
801-487-2084 or 800-275-7398

Nevada Office
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We offer Mortgage Credit Solutions for our Clients and their Customers.

Ideal for mortgage professionals who want a simple, affordable credit source and reliable personal customer service.

What We Do:

Verify in real time the credit histories, identities of potential customers. Easy-to-read reports instantly identify the risks of doing business with individuals and our data can be customized to meet any display requirements.

Our Lender Services include:

Merged Credit Reports: One, two or three bureau merged credit reports with seamless ordering and interfacing with loan origination software.

Credit Score Analysis & Scenario Models: Provides specific, detailed actions to help your applicants improve their credit score.

Identity Verification Services: Helps you minimize the risks of fraud, identity theft, and comply with the Patriot Act.

Flood Zone Determinations: Provides conclusive results instantly, and manual determinations are guaranteed to be returned in four business hours.


4506 Tax Transcript Service:  Direct connection with the IRS for ordering all personal transcripts, 1040 form, business transcripts, 1120, 1120S, and 1065 forms and W2 forms.

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Utah Office

Angie Greene ext. 120
Dept Manager Salt Lake

Nevada Office

Jennifer McKellar ext. 14
Office Manager - Las Vegas