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Jan 07 2020
EXCEL Essentials
In this webinar, students learn required skills to successfully use Excel. These topics include terminology, the uses of Excel, entering and manipulating data, managing the spreadsheet layout, cell formats, tabs, and how to set up a sheet for printing.
Jan 09 2020
ICEL - Perspectives on the Utah Economy
Juliette Tennert is the director of economic and public policy research at the Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute, specializing in Utah's economy, economic forecasting and modeling, fiscal policy analysis and economic impact studies.
Jan 13 2020
2020 Spring Credit Education Classes
College Equivalent - Professional Track Programs Designed for those working in credit & collections (evening classes 1 or 2 nights a week)
Jan 14 2020
EXCEL Calculations and Charts Made Easy
In this webinar, students are introduced to the fundamentals of using Excel to perform calculations and create charts. They will learn the advantages of using Excel to perform calculations, different methods to perform calculations, how to display and read existing formulas, and create dynamic charts for effective visual data presentation.
Jan 17 2020
Certification Exam Paperwork Deadline (March 9, 2020 exam)
The NACM National Certification Program has helped define and establish professional standards in this demanding and rapidly changing field, and fosters recognition of those individuals who possess special expertise.
Jan 21 2020
EXCEL Database / List Managenent
In this webinar, students learn the power of Excel as a database. Topics include understanding what Excel requires in the setup of a database, database terminology, how to sort and filter records, setting the data up in an easily managed, good-looking table, outlining and doing data subtotals, the power of PivotTables and PivotCharts, and more.
Jan 23 2020
NACM Credit Boot Camp
It's a Battle Out There - Are You Prepared? Business Credit Best Practices and Procedures including the importance of credit in business, effective collection calls, credit applications and investigations and more
Feb 04 2020
EXCEL Power Calculations
In this webinar, students move beyond fundamental functions and charts. Topics include understanding how to utilize the function palette, defining functions such as vlookup, payment, net workdays, taking advantage of cell and range names, how to use conditional formatting and Sparklines, how to protect data, and save a chart as a template.