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Business Credit Education

Business credit is a highly demanding - rapidly changing field
We provide the highest quality credit education utilizing the latest technologies

NACM Business Credit Education  the best insurance for accounts receivable!

The quality and effectiveness of tomorrow's business credit and financial success depends on today's training and education. NACM BCS strives to help people develop beyond their current skill levels in anticipation of tomorrow's credit demands.

Business to Business credit educational opportunities are offered through quality seminars and programs combined with the respected national professional certification program. NACM BCS provides up to the minute business credit information, financial insights and best professional practices.

Commercial credit management is a difficult profession to learn because it is not included in the curriculum of most colleges and universities. NACM BCS provides a variety of opportunities and resources for business credit professionals to develop their knowledge and sharpen skills and develop a helpful network of professional contacts.

NACM BCS presents a variety of full and half-day seminars on business credit topics that are essential for all business credit grantors. A few of our recent topics include: Collections, Bankruptcy Reform Act, Collecting Judgments, Mechanic Liens & Bonds, Antitrust, Fair Credit Reporting Act, and Identify Theft and Fraud Prevention. 

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Scholarship forms and requirements: 

 NACM Tuition Scholarship

 ICEL Tuition Scholarship

NACM National Professional Certification Program 
The certification program is the only national, voluntary professional designation program for business credit professional.  The program has helped define and establish professional standards in this demanding and ever-changing field, and fosters recognition of those individuals who possess exceptional expertise.
NACM National Professional Certification Brochure 

Credit Boot Camp

 "Basic Training" drills prepare participants for the battles of credit and collections. A half-day seminar of 3 topics (taught quarterly.) 

1) Collection Calls
What Really Works! Veteran Instructor Lisa Keller, CCE, teaches essential communication skills and fact finding mission strategies along with guidelines for effective collection calls, collection policies and procedures.

2) Credit Reports
Read, Interpret & Utilize Everything in a Report! Georgette Bevan, CCE, provides the keys to making good credit decisions by understanding where to find the information to fit the class customer you are evaluating.

3) Credit Policy & Credit Application
Protection for Your Company! Georgette Bevan, CCE covers credit applications, tax certificates, terms and conditions of an open account, personal guarantee, refusing credit and the weapons arsenal known as your policies and procedures manual.

Credit Classes

NACM offers college level; accredited courses in business credit management, often in association with Salt Lake Community College. 

Principles of Business Credit

Course Objective: To understand the concept and history of credit, the basics of evaluating credit risk, extending credit and collection payments as well as the current mechanisms for marketing and conducting credit programs, both nationally and internationally.

Basic Financial Accounting

An introduction to the concepts and methods underlying the preparation of financial statements using generally accepted accounting principles. Topics covered include the accounting cycle, cash and inventories.

Financial Statement Analysis 

Course Description: Financial statement analysis is a reasonable instructed method of interpreting accounting data in an effort to understand the current financial performance of an entity and project its future health. This first course in financial statement analysis keeps the process simple and ignores many complex issues that can arise. The emphasis of the course is on analyzing financial statement issued by companies using simple ratio analysis techniques and analysis of the statement of cash flows.

The Legal Environment of Business

Principles of business law, including torts, contracts, agency and commercial law. Business forms including sole proprietorship, partnerships and corporations are explored along with common legal problems encountered in business.

Credit Law

A continuation of the Business Law course, Credit Law looks more closely at negotiable instruments, debtor-creditor relationships and government regulations.

NACM National Credit Learning Center