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Dec 01 2015
Consider Your Credit Legacy
Wayne Jarvis, CBF, Ferguson Enterprises

How are you going to go down in history?


I recently had a conversation with a mentor of mine and he made the comment, "I will know I have truly done a good job, when someone I trained is one day my boss." This got me thinking about the next group of credit managers who will be or who are now entering the work force. Probably like many of us, I didn't set out with a career goal to be a Credit Manager. The reason that I have been able to be successful is due in large part to the help of good managers and mentors, along with organizations like NACM and, of course, a little bit of hard work.

Do we as credit professionals or managers think to share, teach or mentor those around us the intangible skills that we have only been able to acquire through our own mentors or other outside sources? Do we take the time to point out business groups or perhaps a credit class or an educational opportunity non-related to our current position that may help us become better at what we do?

There are some things that just have to come from experience like how to deal with difficult situations or an angry customer, or learning a new computer program. But, as we go throughout our day, do we think to share or make it a point to teach those around us our little tricks that make our jobs easier with the hope that one day someone that is currently an underling may sometime be your boss? Through teaching and training, we can create a legacy that will be shared long after we have all gone quietly into retirement.