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Mar 01 2016
Every Vote Counts
April Tanner, CCE, Kimball Equipment

'Tis the season that we hear this statement almost every day - every vote counts . . . and the closer we get to November we will hear it many times a day. As with the November elections and the value of our vote meaning something important . . . your vote this April is also very powerful. "What" you say . . . "vote this April" - what is she talking about? Just this, every member of NACM has a vote and your vote is valuable. Please take the time to read the bios of the volunteers who are running for the Board of Directors this year included in this newsletter.

These wonderful people are willing to donate their time, efforts and knowledge for three years. They do it because they place importance on the membership they have with NACM, and they believe they have something to contribute in your behalf. Many of our credit professionals care deeply about our NACM Association, but do not have the time to donate to be a board member. Many of these members volunteer for committees that require less time. Even others are so stressed they don't have time to even do that. But, those same members can know that they are still represented and have a voice if they take a small moment to let their voice be heard. Their voice can be heard when they express an opinion to a current board member or NACM employee and also by taking the time to vote this April.

One of the most important reasons I am a member of NACM is just that . . . I AM A MEMBER. Because I am a member, what I think matters. What you think matters too! I value this membership. Because of this, I encourage the growth and opportunities for all credit professionals. Over the years I have talked to other members, board members, employees and officers at NACM. They have listened to my thoughts and concerns. They care about what the members think. I know positively I would not be who I am today, in my career, without the impact of NACM and its fabulous members and staff.


At this time I would like to thank ALL the past - and current (although I don't mean that to be self-serving) board members, committee members and employees of NACM Intermountain for all their hard work and dedication to our profession. THANK YOU VERY MUCH! Thank you for helping our NACM Intermountain Association be as fantastic as it is.

Again, please take the time to read about these great volunteers that are running for the Board of Directors and ask them questions the next time you see them, or send them an email. Then, most importantly, VOTE. Your vote can and will have a huge impact - an impact on an association of which you are a member.

See you at the Spring Banquet for the announcement of the results!