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Jan 01 2017
Celebrating Small Victories
Janae Jeffs, CCE, Muir Copper Canyon Farms

How do you celebrate your little victories?

Credit Managers know that you need to be persistent. We get a kick out of being able to get that elusive customer to commit to a payment. Although we have called that customer for days on end, we treat that call like it was the first one that was made. We may be dodged, ignored and leave hundreds of voice messages, but when we do get that "live" person we need to celebrate. 

How do you celebrate your "little victories?" Do you celebrate? If not, you are missing a great way to stay motivated for the next round of being dodged, ignored and endless messaging. For me, I do the happy dance, I swing my arms and tap my feet or I do "knuckles" with another person. 

What can you do to give yourself a boost? Get permission to shout, ring a bell, toss bean bags into a box, or even eat M&M's-anything to make it a positive experience. This will help you stay focused, motivated and sane. This will also help prevent burnout because persistence is the name of the game. Though it is the end of the year and life gets hectic, if you celebrate the little victories it will help take off the edge of a stressful day. Go ahead do your happy dance!