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Mar 01 2017
Mentoring = Value
April Tanner, CCE, Kimball Equipment and D'Ann Johnson, CCE, Roofers Supply

In credit, we are all about value. The value monetarily of money, interest, sales goals etc. and socially with networking, relationships, parenting etc.  But have you ever thought about seeking a mentor - or being a mentor? Both sides of the mentor coin offer value. 

Let's start with "mentor" and what that means. Here is what Dictonary.com says


1. a wise and trusted counselor or teacher.

2. an influential senior sponsor or supporter.


verb (used without object)


3. to act as a mentor: 

WOW - that was helpful, wasn't it?  I did find a note in Wikipedia about mentoring l liked - it said:

"Mentoring" is a process that always involves communication and is relationship-based, but its precise definition is elusive, with more than 50 definitions currently in use.

After reading these, we thought - isn't this what we are at the core of ICEL? A league of members with emphasis stressed on the value of credit education. The key here is that we all have a value, every one of our members. We should share our value with one another; isn't that one of the reasons we are part of this association/league? Both sides, the mentor and the mentee benefit from the relationship. Some careers even require it, for instance when you become a Doctor, plumber or teacher.  While working in credit does not require mentoring, it is extremely beneficial.  Our "younger" credit professionals can keep the "older" ones up on current trends, changing the language and new technology.  The "older" can provide insight on the "school of hard knocks," negotiations, etc. 

When you sign up to be an ICEL mentor, we're tapping into and counting on your skills - all of them - to help one or multiple ICEL members, new and old. Know your away around an Excel spreadsheet? Knowledgeable about letters of credit or International sales? Maybe you are a credit matrix guru or know your way around a financial statement. WE WANT YOU! More importantly, your members NEED you!