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Jul 01 2017
Having Crucial Conversations
Whitney Davidson, CBF, Sunroc Building Materials, Inc

I have been in credit for 20+ years and have met and worked with some very interesting people and their quirks and personalities, be it bad or good.

I think we all have found ourselves at one time or another working with difficult people, either co-workers, bosses, customers, and even friends and family. Who couldn't use a few tips to increase our ability to deal with the many varieties of different or difficult people?

In my career, I have never had to deal with a person who doesn't seem to know how to discuss an issue. I am at a loss as to how to approach this matter. I know how I deal with this at home, because I know the personalities I am dealing with, it becomes more difficult when you are not totally sure of the person(s) personality.

I then remembered the class I took through my company in 2012, "Vital Smarts Crucial Conversations." The course talked about the steps and when I opened my work book and looked through the 9 steps it was all coming back. I was grateful for the course but had not really needed to put the course to task. The following are the steps within the course. 

  1. Get unstuck
  2. Start with Heart
  3. Master my stories
  4. State my path
  5. Learn to look
  6. Make it safe I
  7. Make it safe II
  8. Explore Others Paths
  9. Move to action

The elements of a crucial conversation are "opposing opinions, strong emotions and high stakes." The skills which are needed are identified as "where you're stuck, unbundle with CPR (Content, Pattern, and Relationship)."

Help others leave silence or violence and join you in dialogue with AMPP Skills:

1. Ask to get things rolling

2. Mirror to confirm feelings

3. Paraphrase to acknowledge the story

4. Prime when you're getting nowhere

Vital Smarts has a great website www.vitalsmarts.com for resources and training solutions.