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Sep 01 2017
Lead with Credibility
Doug Darrington, CCE, Kilgore Companies

One of the sessions I attended while at the credit conference in Dallas was titled, "Lead with Credibility," facilitated by Jeff Jones. Jeff is the CFO for Twisted X, a boot and shoe producer in the Dallas area.

Jeff started by defining two types of leaders - a leader with the ability to influence people to do something and a servant leader who has the ability to influence people who know you care about them and together accomplishing a benefit for the common good.

He talked about the types of leaders, one with power or one with authority. A power leader has the ability to force or coerce someone to do their will, even if they would choose not to, because of their position or ability to affect an employee's livelihood. A leader with authority has the skill of getting people to willingly do their will because of their personal influence.

Jeff then talked about several skills that effective leaders:


  • Ability to accept and move through change.
  • Ability to understand and communicate with different personalities.
  • Ability and willingness to address conflict.
  • Ability and desire to coach/teach/empower.
  • A genuine concern/care for those you lead.


I particularly liked the following statement: "People will work late for a leader who provides them a paycheck and the illusion of security. They will walk through fire and run through walls for leaders who genuinely care about them."

I enjoyed this presentation and felt Jeff gave me some good and practical leadership advice. I am constantly trying to develop my leadership skills as well as the people who directly report to me. We should all strive to be the kind of leader who cares about people in a way that will make them not fear us, but are willing to walk through fire and run through walls.