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Jul 01 2014
Education & Designation
Rebecca Knaak, CCE, Alder Sales Corp

"The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows," stated Sydney J. Harris, an editor of the Chicago Daily News back in the 1800's. This is a good metaphor for the point I want to make. 

Each one of us knows our value and knows what we can do in our individual career in credit. That's like looking into a mirror and seeing yourself with all of your value and knowledge.

Having a designation is like turning that mirror into a window. Carrying the initials of your designation on your name is a statement about you and your knowledge and accomplishments. It shows the untrained eye your dedication and your expertise.

When I received my designation last year, my coworkers asked me what it meant. I found the actual definition on NACM National's website that reads, "A CCE is the tested ability to make credit decisions at the executive level." The CBA is at the Associate level, and the CBF is at the Fellow level.


Getting the education and taking the tests is fun and very informative. You will take your individual knowledge across other trades and be amazed at what you learn and amazed at what you already know in the big credit picture that spans other industries.

Georgette Bevan, CCE, Director of Education, makes the classes fun and convenient. She is as helpful a mentor as one could possibly find. The cost for the education may be covered through your employer or through a scholarship. NACM and ICEL have scholarship opportunities available.


The top four benefits I have seen within the last year since I received my CCE designation are:

1.       Having a designation can increase your income.

2.       Having a designation can increase the respect and attention of co-workers, supervisors and especially clients.

3.       Having a designation increases your marketability and visibility.

4.       Having a designation makes a serious and positive impact on your future.


If you can find a little time to invest in yourself, the rest will fall into place. Obtaining my education and designation changed my life. I highly recommend it.