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Apr 01 2010
Credit Line Newsletter
E-News April 2010

In This Issue
- Fraud in the Workplace
- Nominees for the NACM BCS Board of Directors
- Flash...ACM, NCT merge to create United Tranz Actions

Looking Ahead

April 6 UCC-1 Seminar

April 8 ICEL April Luncheon
Techno Savvy Credit Mgt

April 15 FREE Equifax Training

April 23 It's Just Magic
Stockholders Mtg & Dinner

May 5 Credit Boot Camp

May 11 Construction Bond Seminar

June 23 Collecting is Selling with Barry Elms


Why should I submit potential members to NACM?"

Help gain information on your customers. As a member, their information could help build the database on your customers as well not just a one- way street. more Info



Fraud In The Workplace

by Kathy Richins, Holland Equipment Company

In the spring of 2009, our customer service department received an email from someone overseas (which isn't uncommon) regarding a purchase of a large piece of equipment for a large amount of money that we could provide with no problem. This employee put the initial email on the shelf and didn't really think about it. However, he kept receiving emails regarding our decision.

The employee started seeking counsel from the credit department as to what he should do to serve the customer. The credit department then started asking what the customer wanted and if he was able to go through the credit application process. Customer service responded to the customer by email and offered a credit application, but the customer stated that he was in a hurry and needed the equipment as soon as he could get it. Then he asked for our bank information for depository purposes. This put up a huge flag, so the credit department called and let the bank know what was going on and how we felt that something just wasn't right. View full article.

NACM Board of Directors Elections

Ballots mailed out April 1st. Vote for 3 nominees. Ballots must be received at the Association office by 9 am. on Aril 23, 2010.. See all the nominees


NACM Members Wanted To Know:

Why doesn't NACM knock on doors to collect money?

Occasionally creditors ask that question or make the statement that if we would go out and knock on the debtor's door, we would probably be able to collect the account. In some cases that may be true. There are a variety of reasons why we don't do that even though some agencies do. We knock on the door a different way. If the account is large enough and there is a likelihood the debt is actually collectible, the best way to knock on the door is to proceed through the court. Actually physically knocking on a door brings with it the risk of physical violence. We don't know who may react poorly and who may not, but we know it is more likely among those who don't respond to more civilized approaches such as simply returning a phone call. And those are the debtors where we would need to knock on a door. We can't assume the risk of a debtor alleging assault, battery or breach of the peace. And we won't subject our employees to the possibility of physical injury. View full article

FLASH...ACM, NCT merge to create United Tranz Actions

In January American Check Management (ACM) merged with its long-time competitor, National Check Trust, Inc. (NCT), forming a new financial services company known as: United Tranz Actions, LLC (UTA). This will provide NACM members with an expanded product line, as well as a strengthened infrastructure to support continued growth and expansion of products. "This is a powerhouse solution. We are truly a one-stop, fully loaded billing and payment solution, "said Dean Middleton, president of United Tranz*Actions. "Our competitive advantage is that we are able to distribute your statement and invoicing as your customers want it; make those same documents available online; and, accept payment - all with the click of a mouse. NCT has historically specialized in marketing its Check Guarantee services to both the automotive industry and the building and materials industry. They have been very successful in both industry segments and their Check Guarantee product has proven to be an industry leader. Now, as UTA, we can offer NACM members the best of both Check Guarantee programs. In addition to its leading Check Guarantee service, ACM has been making great strides in the development of its electronic services portfolio. View full article