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Dec 01 2016
Published by NACM Business Credit Services and ICEL 
E-News December 2016

In This Issue
- The Importance of a Payment Bond
- Thanks No Thanks
- Resolution Solution
- Know Your Customer
- ICEL Recap: Moving Forward Through Fear and Hesitation

Looking Ahead

Dec 6 - MIND YOUR BUSINESS  - Credit and A/R Legal Issues with speakers Scott Blakeley and David Mannion, Attorneys at Blakeley LLP. A full day seminar of hot legal topics in credit management. More info 

Dec 8 - ICEL - Christmas Meeting with Hypnotist and magician Mont Dutson
and Candy Cane Corner Charity Drive Info 

Jan 12 - ICEL - Bankruptcy with Ellen E. Ostrow, Esq. Attorney with Holland & Hart. For more  info

Free NACM Demand Letters now thru January 31, 2017 info 

Apr 21 - Spring Banquet & Stockholders Mtg

Jun 11-14
 Credit Congress 2017 Special Rates end December 1st - Budget for Credit Congress 2017!

Sep 15 - Fall Outing and Golf Tournament


Why should I submit potential members to NACM?"

Help gain information on your customers. As a member, their information could help build the database on your customers. It's not just a one-way street. more Info



The Importance of a Payment Bond

by Rebecca Mullins, CCE, Ferguson Enterprises

The Payment Bond is an important document that can often be overlooked; It is a supremely effective collection tool for credit & AR managers in construction. The Payment Bond is a document that has a value issued to it and can be truly invaluable if job issues arise and payment is withheld. 

A good rule to assist with securing the copy is to . . . .Read full article 

ICEL Chair Message:
Thanks No Thanks
by Shane Norman, CCE, Wheeler Machinery

Thanksgiving was just around the corner. Generally this is the time of year we focus on good things. As credit, collections and finance people sometimes we struggle with this professionally. We are paid to poke holes into . . . . Read full article

Resolution Solution
by Scott D. Chase, CCE CICP, Amer Sports

Entering a New Year for some of us means going through the age old process of putting together our list of New Year's Resolutions; those great ideas that come to mind. . . . Read full article

Know Your Customer
by Carmen Boykins, Kilgore Companies Inc

There are a number of steps that can be taken in order to get to fully know your customers. The best way to start this practice could be by having a proper credit investigation process in place. The credit investigation is best to. . . . Read full article

Moving Forward Through Fear and Hesitation
by DeAnna Leahy, CCE, Sunroc Corporation

We had the wonderful opportunity of hearing from Kris Belcher at our November ICEL meeting. Kris spoke to us about courage, perseverance, and humor. When she was only seven months old, doctors discovered that. . . Read full article