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Jul 01 2017
E-News July 2017

In This Issue
- Stick to Your Guns to Protect Your Security Interests
- The Ripple Effect
- ICEL Spotlight: Dana Clark, CCE
- ICEL Chair: Credit and Conflict Resolution
- Having Crucial Conversations
- ICEL Recap: In the Trenches

Looking Ahead

July 13-
ICEL Keeping Work a Safe Space
Click here for details

Aug 4- The Road to Certification-Learn how a Professional Designation puts YOU in the Drivers Seat! Click here  for details

Aug 22 - Fall Semester Starts Click here for details

Save The Date

Sept 15- Fall Outing and Golf Tournament

Oct 11-13- San Diego, Western Region Credit Congress Click here for details - Early bird registration ends July 31

Why should I submit potential members to NACM?"

Help gain information on your customers. As a member, their information could help build the database on your customers. It's not just a one-way street. more Info



Stick to Your Guns to Protect Your Security Interests

by Tyler Steenblik, CCE, Young Electric Sign Co.

Many times a year, I receive a call from a customer with whom I have an ongoing lease on a specific and expensive piece of equipment. The calls are all very similar. They go something like this . . . . Read full article

The Ripple Effect
by Paul Stott, Sunroc Building Materials

The Ripple Effect is based on the understanding that we are all connected. These connections stretch like an incredibly interwoven and complicated tapestry. Each of us exists within this tapestry. Thoughts and actions are like stones dropped in a pond and they create ripples that travel outward. Everything we do and think affects the people in our lives and their reactions in turn affect others. The choices you make . . . . Read full article

ICEL Spotlight:Dana Clark, CCE
by Rhonda Calwell, CCE, Nicholas and Co.

Dana joined the ICEL group on April 18, 2017 to meet other credit professionals and to further his professional knowledge. He is currently working on recertifying his CCE and plans to take advantage of the education ICEL offers.

After relocating to Utah from Vermont eleven years ago, he soon discovered the beauty of our state and enjoys the outdoor adventures that Utah has to offer such as  . . . . Read full article

ICEL Chair: Credit and Conflict Resolution
by DeAnna Leahy, CCE, Sunroc Corporation

At Credit Congress this past week in Grapevine Texas, I attended a fabulous session on Credit and Conflict Resolution.  When looking at conflict resolution, it is important to remember a quote by Anais Nin: "We do not see things as they are; we see them as we are." The single biggest challenge to resolving conflict is overcoming the belief that the other person is responsible for the conflict . . . . Read full article
Having Crucial Conversations
by Whitney Davidson, CBF, Sunroc Building Materials

I have been in credit for 20+ years and have met and worked with some very interesting people and their quirks and personalities, be it bad or good.

I think we all have found ourselves at one time or another working with difficult people, either co-workers, bosses, customers, and even friends and family. Who couldn't use a few tips to increase our ability to deal with the many varieties of . . . . Read full article

ICEL Recap: In The Trenches
by Kelley Kunz, CCE, Henricksen Butler Design

In the Trenches is one of ICEL's most popular meetings because we get to hear from credit professionals and their experiences. This year's speakers were Paul Stott, Sunroc Building Materials, Jessica Corry, CBA, Roofers Supply and Jim White, CCE, Weir Specialty Pumps . . . . Read full article