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Apr 01 2018
E-News April 2018

In This Issue
- What is Best for the Customer is ALWAYS What is
   Best for Your Company!
- New Designation Holders
- ICEL Chair: Leadership Development
- Nominees for the NACM BCS Board of Directors
- Creditor-Customer Collaboration
- Five W's of Life in the Credit Department
- Credit Reporting Connections
- ICEL Recap: Identifying Traps for Unwary Sellers

Looking Ahead

April 10 - CFDD Phoenix   How to Determine an Appropriate Credit Limit Without Financials

April 12 -
ICEL Productive 
Living Through Enlightened 

April 20 - Annual
Spring Banquet 
& Stockholders Meeting

May 18 -  Credit Boot Camp 

Save the Date

June 10-13, 2018 
Credit Congress
Phoenix, AZ

August 24, 2018
Fall Outing

Oct 10-12, 2018 
Western Region 
Credit Conference in
Salt Lake City

Why should I refer potential members to NACM?

To help gain information on your customers! All member information builds the NTCR database on your customers. Click here for details  

What is Best for the Customer is ALWAYS What is Best for Your Company!

by Paul Amante, CCE, Amer Sports Winter and Outdoor

Is our customer's best interest always aligned with our company's best interest?

In a mutually beneficial business relationship serving your customer well will almost always yield outstanding results for your company. But what happens when the credit department is asked to ship on open terms to a customer who doesn't qualify under the credit policy for anything better than prepay terms? What happens when a customer is increasing orders at a high rate . . . . Read full article

Congratulations New Designation Holders 

Paul Amante, CCE, Amer Sports Winter and Outdoor
Stephanie Johnson, CBA, Gritton & Associates 
Layla Calkins, CBA, Sunroc Building Materials
Tiffany Carpender, CBA, Wheeler Machinery

ICEL Chair: Leadership Development
by DeAnna Leahy, CCE, Sunroc Corporation

In the book The Leadership Challenge, the authors, Kouzes and Posner present the idea that leadership development is self-development. They write: "Wanting to lead and believing that you can lead are the departure points on the path to leadership. Leadership is an art - a performing art - and the instrument is the self." They go on to say that exemplary leaders tend to adhere to the following best practices. Leaders . . . . Read full article

NACM Board Election Candidates

Each year, members of the NACM Board of Directors retire and new board members are elected to replace them Read full article
The candidates for this year's open board positions are (in alphabetical order): 

  • Shanna Diaz, CCE, Easton Technical Products
  • Stephanie Johnson, CBA, Gritton & Associates Inc
  • Kelley Kunz, CCE, Henriksen Butler Design
  • Kelly Passey, Plastic Specialties
  • Whitney Davidson, CBF, CCRA, Sunroc Building Materials

  • Creditor-Customer Collaboration Crucial in Small Business Cash Flow Management
    by NACM National

    Starting and maintaining a small business is no easy feat. Roughly half of all start-ups fail within the first five years with only one-third of them surpassing a decade, according to 2017 data released by the U.S. Small Business Administration's Office of Advocacy. Once the doors open, the mindset of owners and operators may shift to sales and marketing, leaving cash flow management on the back-burner . . . . Read full article

    Five W's of Life in the Credit Department

    by Lisa Keller, CCE, NACM BCS

    As credit managers we are familiar with the 5 C's of Credit. Those of us who have taken Principles of Business Credit have discussed the 3 C's of credit and sales relationships. We've even heard of using who, what, where, when, why and how when making collection calls. I was recently introduced to the Five W's of Life, and while I might be way behind on this particular motivational concept, I'd like to share them here with some thoughts on applying them at work . . . . Read full article

    Credit Reporting Connections

    Real Time International Credit Reports

    Do you sell internationally? Selling internationally can be big business but not without big risk! To help minimize that risk, we offer real time international credit reports.

    International Credit Reports are developed as requested with real time information . . . . Read full article

    ICEL Recap: Identifying Traps for Unwary Sellers
    by Amy Butterfield, L.K.L. Associates

    In March we were pleased to have Doug Davis, general counsel for A & K Railroad Materials, as our speaker. Doug has varied experience with International law with A & K throughout the United States, Canada and South America. Previously he gained worldwide experience while working for Rio Tinto. He was able to share his vast knowledge while teaching us the ins and outs of terms and conditions often found on purchase orders and sales orders. He brought up the fact that many purchase/sales orders have a place for a signature but are not  . . . . Read full article