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Jul 01 2018
E-News July 2018

In This Issue
- An Educational What If?
- A Little Quiz About Money
- ICEL Spotlight: Layla Calkins, CBA
- Introducing the Business Credit App
- Credit Reporting Connections
- A Day in the Life at Credit Congress

Looking Ahead

July  - CFDD Phoenix  
July 12 - ICEL 
Test Your Credit Knowledge 

July 16 - Credit Boot Camp

July 26 -
 AZ Fraud Seminar

August 24 - Summer Outing

Save the Date

Oct 10-12, 2018 
Western Region 
Credit Conference in 
Salt Lake City

November 6, 2018
Professional Designation Holders' Executive Roundtable


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Why should I submit potential members to NACM?

Help gain information on your customers. As a member, their information could help build the database on your customers. It's not just a one-way street. more Info 



An Educational What If?

by Stephanie Johnson, CBA, NACM Education Chair 

I stumbled into credit management as a fluke. Truly. It is hard to believe that when I was a kid I didn't dream of being a credit manager when I grew up. I wanted to be a lawyer, actually, but then I learned how much schooling was involved. 10 years ago, when my boss asked me to transfer into the position of Director of Accounting, I had very little knowledge of how the accounting department functioned. I knew nothing about collections or credit management . . . . Read full article



ICEL Chair: A Little Quiz About Money

by April Tanner, CCE, Kimball Equipment

Happy July everyone! We all work with money every day, so in honor of Independence Day here is a little quiz about United States Currency - past and present. How many can you match up without looking it up - just off the top of your head?

One of these men, Alexander Hamilton was the founder of the United States Banking system. He was the first Secretary of the Treasury. He is the subject of a much-praised Broadway musical currently on stage. He understood the value of a banking system and credit  -  a subject near and dear to all our lives as we work in the credit profession. Mr. Hamilton said . . . . Read full article

                     What's better than sliced bread?


ICEL Spotlight: Layla Calkins, CBA

Hello all my name is Layla Calkins. I've been in accounting-type jobs for about ten years. I graduated from BYU with a bachelors in Biology. I went to work for some temporary services and landed a temp to hire at H&E Equipment in the credit department. I was there a few years and have now been with Sunroc Building Materials for three years, working as a credit assistant for two credit managers. I recently received my CBA . . . . Read full Article

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NACM Credit Reporting Connections

With all the fraud that is taking place in today's society, can you be sure that the social security number provided by your customer is actually theirs?

ES you can!

Members who are vetted for personal reports with us can request a social security verification by completing the forms here and here. You will receive confirmation directly from the Social Security Office who will verify that the number you provided matches the information provided or if it's been reported as fraudulent.

Make sure the social security number you receive actually belongs to the signer!

For more information regarding this service or the vetting process, please contact the Credit Reporting Department 801-487-8786 or Rhonda Calwell at rhonda@nacmint.com


A day in the Life at Credit Congress

by Wayne Olsen, Geneva Rock

Phoenix, 2018, was a very good year at Credit Congress. Not only did the city play host to the 2018 Credit Congress, I had the opportunity of meeting several members of our affiliate in Arizona.

Personally, I enjoyed the ambiance of the Convention Center from the 108 degrees outside to the comfort of a well refrigerated building. The location was comfortable within a short walking distance of the two hotels offering accommodations. The streets were clean. People were . . . . Read full Article