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Aug 01 2018
E-News August 2018

In This Issue
- Connie Steed, CCE Retires
- Networking - Yeah! or No Way?
- Turnover
- Myth or Fact-The Truth about Multitasking
- Credit Reporting Connections
- ICEL Recap: Test Your Credit Knowledge

Looking Ahead

Aug 9 - ICEL 
In The Trenches

Aug 22 -  Fall Classes start

Aug 24 -
Summer Party

Sept 11  - CFDD Phoenix 

Sept 13 -
CFDD National

Sept 14 -
Certification Exam Paperwork Deadline (Nov. Exam)

Save the Date

Oct 10-12, 2018 
Western Region 
Credit Conference in 
Salt Lake City

November 6, 2018
Professional Designation Holders' Executive Roundtable


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Connie Steed, CCE Retires

by Shane Inglesby, CCE, Geneva Rock Products 

After working 40 years in credit, Connie Steed, CCE decided it was time to retire. Many credit professionals in our affiliate have been influenced and educated by Connie as she has been an example of what it means to give back to her profession.

Connie's career in credit did not start out as many would expect. Upon graduating from high school, she moved to Southeastern Idaho to work in a potato processing plant near Aberdeen. Work in Salt Lake was scarce due to an extended strike at the Kennecott Copper Mine . . . Read full article


Congratulations New Designation Holders 

Stephanie Johnson, CBF, Gritton & Associates 
Jayne Crosby, CBF

ICEL Chair: Networking - Yeah! or No Way?

by April Tanner, CCE, Kimball Equipment

Networking - a word that has some of you are saying YEAH! Others NO WAY! I am here to advise you on the importance of making it a "Yeah" in your life.

Networking is underrated in its value. In my experience and a little bit of study on the subject proves that networking is an essential part of career advancement and achievement. As parents we know this because when our children are in school and preparing for college and adult life we encourage networking (only we don't call it networking). Some scholarships weight the "networking" part of a student's life as important as . . . Read full article


by Susan Lujan, CCE, Kenworth Sales Company

For those of you daring enough to read beyond the first word - I know you were hoping I would be writing about pastry but, alas, I am not. I'm talking about what we perceive as a boring topic that we can't influence. 

Recently, I had the opportunity to present on Turnover and Retention and during the course of preparation - I had some perceptions confirmed as true, gained a better understanding and understood what our future looks like. 

Here's some items to contemplate.

Employee turnover costs a business 90-200% of a lost employee's annual salary. We can't afford to lose people so hire well and . . . Read full article

 Myth or Fact - The Truth About Multitasking

by Jo Anne Mills, CCE, Deseret Book Company

I attended Credit Congress in Phoenix in June and had the opportunity to go to several amazing classes. One of the most interesting things I heard during this week was just a side note in a larger presentation. It was a statement about multitasking.

In this day and age, we hear the term all the time. I have even seen it in job descriptions: Must be able to multitask. The interesting piece of information that I heard is that multitasking is a myth. I have thought myself to be a very effective multitasker, so this idea was confusing to me. I decided to do some research . . .
Read full article

NACM Credit Reporting Connections

The check was returned....now what?

First you need to find out WHY? Was is an NSF, Refer to Maker, Stop Payment, Account Closed, Frozen etc.

Finding out why will help you to determine how to approach the next step, CALL the customer. There could be a reasonable explanation for the return and a quick resolution.

Will your bank automatically put the check through a second time? If not, you can always call or take the check directly to the issuing bank and verify whether or not funds are available and under some circumstances you may be able cash it.

ALWAYS send out a letter including the required verbiage to protect your rights should you need to take further action. Click here for an example. Best practices recommend sending this letter by certified mail, return receipt requested.

Be sure to log in to NACM Business Credit Services and report the NSF check through the Alert System. This will allow others in your Industry Trade Group to be aware of the potential risk and it will appear in the group packets. This is a FREE service to Industry Credit Group members.

If you still cannot collect on the check, NACM Business Credit Services has a great collection department that can assist you in recovery efforts.

                      Great Opportunity this October




ICEL Recap: Test Your Credit Knowledge

by Mark Jones, Geneva Rock Products

Alexa Trebek (AKA April Tanner) hosted the annual Jeopardy challenge at ICEL in the month of July. It was the annual "deer in the headlights" meeting. Just like on TV, subjects and point value are chosen and each table is asked to respond in the form of a question. The categories were 1) Business Law 2) Financial Statement Analysis 3) Principles of Business Credit 4) Credit Law 5) Accounting.

A celebrity guest (AKA Georgette Bevan) brought the excitement this year by keeping time for all questions. It was fun to watch as Georgette played the Jeopardy theme song - everyone knew how much time was left. As the music was coming to an end, everybody at the table would look at each other, thus the "deer in the headlights" effect as the time ran out. Needless to say I think everyone had a good time especially
table #3 who won the whole kit and caboodle . . . Read full article