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Oct 01 2018
E-News October 2017

In This Issue
- Susan Archibeque, CCE to Retire
- ICEL Chair: The Canons
- Something You Haven't Considered
- Credit Reporting Connections
- Natural Disasters Impact Business
- Credit vs Sales
- ICEL Recap: People Skills You Need to Succeed at Work

Looking Ahead

Oct 10-12, 2018 
Western Region 
Credit Conference in 
Salt Lake City

Oct 9 - CFDD Phoenix

Save the Date

November 5, 2018
Certification Exams

November 8, 2018 ICEL
How to turn High Potential into High Performance

November 12, 2018
Professional Designation Holders' Executive Roundtable

November 16, 2018
Credit Boot Camp 

Candidate nominations are now being accepted to run for election to the NACM BCS Board of Directors in 2019. Click here for details 

Why should I refer potential members to NACM?

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Susan Archibeque, CCE to Retire
by Georgette Bevan, CCE, NACM Business Credit Services

Congratulations go out to Susan Archibeque, CCE on her upcoming "semi-retirement" from Nicholas & Company. For over 18 years, Susan's vision and dedication to the credit profession helped foster excellence and financial success at Nicholas & Company. While she is stepping down from her role as Director of the Credit Department, she will be a Credit Business Consultant and will continue to work on special projects.

Susan is the recipient of numerous NACM Awards, including the prestigious Credit Executive of the Year and Instructor of the Year. Susan is an accomplished author writing brilliant articles for NACM's local and national publications. Susan was the winner the Credit Research Foundations writing . . . . Read full article

ICEL Chair: The Canons
by April Tanner, CCE, Kimball Equipment Company

I was thinking this month about the canons - not the cannons in the 1812 Overture but the Canons of Business Credit Ethics. I was working with some new employees in the accounting department and discussing ethics. Questions came up about if there were any written guidelines business people use. This brought up the guidelines that NACM uses for credit professionals. THE CANONS OF BUSINESS CREDIT ETHICS - see below.

When I started in credit decades ago I was given a copy of the guidelines by NACM and read them. In later years when I changed employers and started work at Norbest Inc. for Jeris Baldwin (a fabulous credit manager and mentor) she asked me about my knowledge of the guidelines and also requested that I put a copy up at my desk. She did not ask me to do this because I didn't . . . . Read full article

Something You Haven't Considered
by Tyler Steenblik, CCE, Young Electric Sign

How did your last experience trying to hire a great collector work out?

What are the characteristics of that unique person that will change the world and drive those AR $'s down and down again? Maybe you were looking for a person with great speaking skills, who is good on the computer and able to hold your customers accountable to the payment commitment they made to your company at the time of the sale. Maybe you were looking for a friendly, non-abrasive person. Maybe you were looking for a "get the money-now" person . . . . Read full article

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NACM Credit Reporting Connections

Bad checks are bad news - Group Members get alerts when they happen!

As part of an Industry Group membership, you can report NSF checks so that they appear as group alerts and on NACM NTCR credit reports used in the Industry Trade meeting.

Alerts are sent out almost immediately to all members of the Industry Group, so each member can make the best risk assessment for their business.

It's easy - just follow these instructions to start reporting today!
- Log in to your account here
- Credit Reporting Main Menu

- Group Functions

   - Alert Submittal

- Search for the customer name or create a new one if they are not already in the system

- Complete the alert amount, alert code and add a comment if you'd like

Contact Credit Reporting at 801.487.8786 for more information

Natural Disasters Impact Business
by Kandie Haymore, CBF, Midwest Floor Coverings

You can't turn on a newscast today without seeing a report of fires, hurricanes, tropical storms or other natural disasters. The reports can be devastating, and the lives affected enormous. People being displaced, homes and business damaged, lives in danger, it's all so nerve racking. As I have watched the devastation from the fires so close to my home I've felt almost a doomsday vibe, but when I stop and really looked at things closer it could be much worse.

From a business standpoint these tragedies can be both devastating and rewarding. Last week after several communities were evacuated in my area, my family decided to go to dinner at a local restaurant. It was packed - we've never seen it that busy . . . . Read full article

Credit vs Sales
by Whitney Davidson, CBF, CCRA, Sunroc Building Materials

There is an old adage "A sale is not a sale until its paid for." To a credit manager this statement is accurate. To a sales person, who works hard to build customer relationships, the statement could be interrupted as insulting. For sales people, the sale is made when an offer is accepted.

Sales and credit should work hand in hand. The sales department creates the sale transaction and the credit department completes the sale by collecting the payment. It can be a tug of war if
 . . . . Read full article

ICEL Recap: People Skills You Need to Succeed at Work
By Barbara Mackay, Intermountain Concrete Specialties

Ellen Reddick was our featured speaker for the September ICEL meeting. She talked about People Skills You Need to Succeed at Work and gave us a lot of food for thought.

She reminded us that our ability to relate to others is very crucial in business. If you are able to relate to others in any situation it often leads to agreeing to disagree with mutual respect. Relating to others can help people know that you totally understand their . . . . Read full article