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Apr 01 2019
E-News April 2019

In This Issue
- ICEL Chair: Today's Article is Brought to You by the Letter V
- Nominees for the NACM BCS Board of Directors
- Character in the Credit Department
- What Will a Credit Designation Do for Me?
- The Peace of Wild Things
- ICEL Recap: Credit vs Sales

NACM is moving!
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April 8, 2019
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Looking Ahead


April 9, 2019 CFDD 
Preparing the New Generation of Credit Professionals

April 11, 2019 ICEL
Engaging Leadership

April 18, 2019
Stockholder's Meeting

April 19, 2019
Spring Banquet

April 22, 2019
Mechanics' Lien Seminar

May 19-22, 2019

Credit Congress
Aurora, Colorado

May 31, 2019
Paperwork deadline for July 22, 2019 Designation Exams

Why should I submit potential members to NACM?

Help gain information on your customers. As a member, their information could help build the database on your customers. It's not just a one-way street. more Info



ICEL Chair: Today's Article is Brought to You by the Letter V

by April Tanner, CCE, Kimball Equipment Company

To many of you that phrase was a blast from the past. Sesame Street broadcast for the first time when I was a year old and I learned a lot from Sesame Street, Mr. Rogers and The Electric Company. Public television was a staple at our house. I digress, back to the letter V. There is so much I want to say about a few words that start with the letter V . . . . Read full article

Elections for NACM Board of Directors

Each year, members of the NACM Board of Directors retire and new board members are elected to replace them Read full article
The candidates for this year's open board positions are (in alphabetical order)

Danny Wheeler, CCE, ICCE, Adobe Systems
Scott Chase, CCE, CICP, Amer Sports
Stephanie Johnson, CCE, Gritton & Associates

April Tanner, CCE, Kimball Equipment


Sheila Roames, CCE, Ergon Asphalt & Emulsions

Ellen Wodiuk, CCE, ICCE, Law Offices of Mark A Kirkorsky PC

Character in the Credit Department

by Christi Cupp, CBA, Midwest Floor Coverings 

I was recently asked by the Vice President of our flooring division what we are doing in the credit department that is different from years past. It was a huge compliment. He continued to tell me that he used to get calls and comments from customers about issues they were having with the credit department and they were not happy. He said now all he hears is good things! Read full article

What Will a Credit Designation do for Me? 

by Shanna Diaz, CCE, Easton Technical Products

How could four hours change your financial future? In four hours, you could go golfing or do a yoga session just to name a couple things. Or, you could begin the steps toward becoming a Certified Credit Executive.

July 25th, 2011 is a date that I will always remember, on that date I chose to spend four hours demonstrating . . . . Read full article

The Peace of Wild Things

by Paul Stott, Sunroc Building Materials 

Have you ever had someone say to you, "you worry too much?" To me, that's like telling someone who's in the middle of the ocean with no means of rescue to not be so concerned about all that water. I have received much advice from many people in my adult life on how to stop worrying. Some of it has been useful, but not the majority. Then I heard this poem quoted . . . . Read full article

ICEL Recap: Credit vs Sales

by Amy Butterfield, CBA, L.K.L. Associates

I believe all that attended the ICEL meeting on March 14 can attest that we had an "EGG-CELLENT" time. The infamous Mark Jones had a way of bringing the whole group together in a fun and informative activity that helped us to better understand the importance of credit & sales working together. These are some of the ideas Mark gave us to help us fulfill that task . . . . Read full article