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Jul 01 2019
E-News July 2019

In This Issue
- ICEL Chair: Continuing Education
- I am A 2019 Credit Hero - And You Can be Too!
- Why Customer Visits?
- Everyone Has A Name
- ICEL Recap: Building and Sustaining Trust

Looking Ahead

July 11, 2019 ICEL
Test Your Credit Knowledge

July 22, 2019
Professional Designation Exams

August 12, 2019
Professional Designation Executive Roundtable

August 13, 2019 CFDD 
Communication to Internal and External Customers

August 16, 2019
NACM Summer Outing
Woodstock Revisited 

August 19, 2019 
NACM Education
Classes Begin

Save the Date

September 13, 2019 
Paperwork deadline for November 4, 2019 Professional  Designation Exams

October 23-25, 2019
Portland , OR
Western Credit Conference

Why should I submit potential members to NACM?

Help gain information on your customers. As a member, their information could help build the database on your customers. It's not just a one-way street. more Info



ICEL Chair: Continuing Education

by Stephanie Johnson, CCE, Gritton & Associates

Our focus on education by the Intermountain Credit Education League (ICEL) and Credit & Financial Development Division (CFDD) is intense, indeed. At the very core of our organizations, we offer various education opportunities to build/grow our members and prepare them for their future. That is what we do. That is who we are. We are an education league . . . . Read Full Article

I am a 2019 Credit Hero - You Can be Too!

by Lisa Carter, Komatsu Equipment Company

Our keynote speaker at Credit Congress in May, Brett Culp, is an independent film maker. His livelihood is to go about finding and sharing inspiring stories of those who are making the world a better place through personal triumphs, community service, raising awareness of needs and money for charity. Through his work he shows us that there is still a lot of good in the world . . . . Read Full Article

Why Customer Visits?

by Rebecca Mullins, CCE, Codale Energy Service & Supplies

Customer visits are essential to the growth of any company, large or small. The customer relationship generally will begin with a sales call as the initial contact, however customer visits can influence the customer relationship on many different levels from sales to marketing to accounting . . . . Read Full Article

Everyone Has A Name

by ReBecca Poulsen, CCE, Kimball Equipment Co

Have you ever been called the wrong name? Or had a coworker not address you by your name? Dale Carnegie writes that "a person's name is to him or her the sweetest and most important sound in any language." We are all given a name at birth. This name becomes an identifier to represent us. We learn from an early age to respond when our name is called . . . . Read Full Article

ICEL Recap: Building and Sustaining Trust

by Heidi Krum, CCE, L.K.L. Associates

As credit managers, we begin relationships with customers on the outside of trust. We make the tough calls, and when we get an answer, we hope it's not the dreaded, "I can't pay you right now... I'll call you when I'm back from vacation." (I literally received this emailed response from a customer as I was writing this article!) Read Full Article