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Jan 01 2020
E-News January 2020

In This Issue
- ICEL Chair: SMART Goals
- Mark Jones Retires
- Sales Tax-The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Part III
- Clear Communication Between Creditors and Customers
- ICEL Recap: Christmas

Looking Ahead

January 7, 2020
Excel Webinar
Excel Essentials

January 9, 2020 ICEL

Perspectives on the Utah Economy

January 13, 2020
NACM Credit Education 
Classes Begin

January 14, 2020

January 14, 2020
Excel Webinar
Calculations & Charts Introduction

January 17, 2020 Paperwork Deadline for March 9, 2020 
Professional Designation Exams

January 21, 2020
Excel Webinar
Database Management

January 23, 2020
NACM Credit Boot Camp

Save the Date

February 4, 2020
Excel Webinar
Power Calculations
March 9, 2020 

Professional Designation Exams

June 14-17 Caesars Palace
NACM 124th Credit Congress
Las Vegas, NV 
Advance Rate Ends Feb 21

Why should I submit potential members to NACM?

Help gain information on your customers. As a member, their information could help build the database on your customers. It's not just a one-way street. more Info



ICEL Chair: SMART Goals

by Stephanie Johnson, CCE, Gritton & Associates

Happy New Year one and all! Are you a fan of making New Year's resolutions? Do you keep them? Longer than a few weeks? What do they look like? How do they read? Something like this:


Quit smoking. Lose weight. Learn to knit. Spend more time with family. Exercise. Live life more. Get organized at work. Travel.

The New Year is a natural time to make changes in one's life. New Year. New start. New you. The issue is, that according to the U.S. News & World Report, 80% of the goals set for the New Year fail by February. That's daunting. There are many reasons that resolutions are not kept. There are also MANY reasons that resolutions succeed and are kept. If 80% fail, then 20% succeed in their goals, right? I mean, that is just mathematics. Continue Reading

Mark Jones Retires

by Shane Inglesby, CCE, Geneva Rock Products

After 28 years of working in credit, Mark Jones will be retiring from Geneva Rock Products/Clyde Companies at the end of January.

Mark applied at the suggestion of a neighbor who knew the company was hiring for an accounts receivable and credit manager position. Since the company he was working for was going out of business, he thought it would be worth checking out as he was seeking more stable work. 

Mark graduated from Brigham Young University majoring in psychology with a minor in business. Continue Reading

Part III-Sales Tax-The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

by April Tanner, CCE, Kimball Equipment Company

The Ugly (but they don't have to be!) - Audits


It is January 2020 - if the sales tax auditor showed up today - are you ready?

Have you been through a sales tax audit? A sales tax audit will look at sales tax in relation to customer purchases and your company purchases (use tax.)  Because sales tax effects customers, it effects the credit department. This article will focus on sale tax in relation to customers, it will not focus on sales tax reporting or use tax as those are often a function of a different area of the accounting department. Continue Reading

Clear Communication Between Creditors and Customers
by NACM National

"The art of communication is the language of leadership." -James Humes, five-time presidential speechwriter

Credit managers are the heroes on the frontlines to protect a company's financial wellbeing. Whether assessing credit decisions or following up with customers on payment, credit managers lead their company into battle and one of their most versatile weapons is communication. As an essential element to personal and professional lives, how one wields this weapon will determine if he or she reaches their desired outcome. Continue Reading


ICEL Recap: Christmas

by Amy Butterfield, CBF, LKL Associates

The final ICEL meeting of 2019 was spectacular. We had a lovely luncheon at the Cottonwood Country Club then had an afternoon of fun with the beautiful Benson Sisters.

The three sisters started out singing with their dad, performing Glen Miller music along with other 1940's hits. They serenaded us with Christmas music from all eras. They were dynamic and entertaining and had the most amazing singing voices. Continue Reading