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Dec 01 2010
ICEL Excellence Newsletter
December 2010

In This Issue
- Enjoy Simple Things
- December ICEL Meeting
- Support ICEL's Christmas Charity on Dec. 9th
- Let's Make A Deal, Nov Meeting Recap
- Spotlight: Kasie Udink, Meadow Gold Dairies
- Shhh ... The Best Kept Secret

Looking Ahead

Dec 7 - FREE Credit Report & Industry Group Training

Dec 9 - ICEL December Meeting
Jordan High School Bell Choir
Candy Cane Corner Charity

Jan 10 -  New Year, New You--Knowledge PAYS! Spring Semester begins January 10, 2011
 Class schedule

Jan 13 - ICEL "Work & Life Balance," Sandra Negley

Feb 10 - ICEL "Credit According to Malcolm Gladwell"

Mar 2 - Credit Boot Camp

Mar 10 - ICEL Economic Update with Dr. Aric Krause

Apr 8 - Stockholders Meeting & Dinner

May 22-25 Credit Congress & Expo Nashville, TN 

Why should I submit potential members to NACM?"

Help gain information on your customers. As a member, their information could help build the database on your customers as well not just a one- way street. more Info



Enjoy Simple Things

by Kelley Kunz, CCE, Martin Door Mfg.

It's hard to believe that November has come and gone and we now have the end of the year right ahead of us. I enjoy the cards we receive in the mail with pictures of friends and family. December can bring so much happiness and enjoyment but I know it can bring stress and anxiety too. I hope during the month of December you find a way to enjoy the simple things such as just being together. View full article

December ICEL Meeting

by Shane Inglesby, CCE, Geneva Rock Products

The Jordan High School Bell Choir will perform for our annual ICEL Christmas Luncheon. This English handbell choir is one of only eight high school bell choirs in the state. This choir is the most requested performing group at Jordan High School.

11:45 am - 1:15 pm
Red Lion Hotel, 161 W 600 S, SLC, UT
$18 ICEL Members
$28 Non-ICEL Members
Plated luncheon included
View full article and registration

Remember to bring your donations for Candy Cane Corner! (see article below)

Support ICEL's Christmas Charity on Dec. 9th

by Shane Inglesby, CCE, Geneva Rock Products

Candy Cane Corner is an empowering holiday assistance program. Parents hand-select new gifts for their children and all items in the store are donated from the community.

With the economy still faltering and unemployment at record levels, Candy Cane Corner expects major increases in the number of families seeking help this year. Please consider this organization as you do your holiday shopping and donate at least one new toy, clothing or household item. Cash donations can also be accepted (checks preferred made payable to Candy Cane Corner).

Please bring your donations to our December meeting on Thursday, December 9th at the Red Lion Hotel.

Volunteer opportunities are also available. Please contact Carol Shiflett at 801-537-8601 or cshifflett@ywca.com if you can help.  View full article

Let's Make A Deal

November Meeting Recap by Janae Jeffs, CCE, Muir Enterprises

The month of November provided ICEL members with valuable information about the Art of Negotiation from one of its own members, Tammi Russell, CCE, Credit Manager, KSL Broadcast Group.

Tammi presented a detailed PowerPoint presentation illustrating the steps to successfully negotiate a new agreement for collection of past due accounts.

Key elements of negotiations were explained... View full article and PowerPoint presentation.

Spotlight, Kasie Udink, Meadow Gold Dairies

by Kelley Kunz, CCE, Martin Door Mfg.

KC (Kasie) is very excited about her new job and new responsibilities with Meadow Gold Dairies.

KC has been able to attend a few ICEL meetings and has enjoyed the personal adventures of our speakers. She is a hands-on person and enjoys working with others.

Prior to credit and collections, KC worked as a sales person so she knows both sides of the equation. She is really enjoying the rapport she is able to have with her customers.Through her last job at Pacific Steel as their Credit Manager, KC was introduced to NACM.

Her children are grown and she is enjoying them as adults. She is a newly wed and is currently on top of the world. She looks forward to each day and describes herself as a "happy camper."

Shhh ... The Best Kept Secret

by Georgette Bevan, CCE, NACM BCS 

I fell into credit, as most credit people do. Increased work load required another body, and there I was. A boss and mentor sent me to NACM to learn more about credit and collections because he had participated in NACM classes in Ohio and understood the value of NACM education.

Little did I know that it would become an addiction! Ok, I'm overstating that a bit, but the truth is I was hooked. Upon returning to work from seminars, I immediately implemented the concepts learned and management noticed.

A few of my NACM contacts, who have since become lifelong friends, encouraged me to take an NACM class at Salt Lake Community College. As I became more productive and effective in my job, raises and promotions followed. There is a saying that "You are promoted to the level of your incompetence." I found I needed additional classes to be qualified for what was being asked of me. The more I learned the more responsibilities were turned over to me.

The best kept secret in business today is View full article 

Spring Semester begins January 10th.  Scholarship Applications are now being accepted.  Scholarship Application Forms are on the Education page of this website.